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[Matouqin/Folk] Bao Chaoke - China Folk Music - Ma Tou Qin's Legend I (马头琴魂 传说I) (2005) [APE]

Bao Chaoke - China Folk Music - Ma Tou Qin's Legend I
| APE (Tracks) | 359 MB | Ma Tou Qin, nstrumental | 2005 |
The Morin khuur (Mongolian: морин хуур) is a Mongolian bowed stringed instrument. The full Classical Mongolian name for the morin khuur is morin-u toloɣai tai quɣur (Which in modern Khalkh cyrillic is Морины толгойтой хуур) meaning fiddle with horse's head. It is known in Chinese as matouqin (Chinese: 馬頭琴). It produces a sound which is poetically described as expansive and unrestrained, like a wild horse neighing, or like a breeze in the grasslands. It is the most important musical instrument of the Mongolian people, and is considered a symbol of the Mongolian nation.

The morin khuur is one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity identified by UNESCO.  (Wikipedia)

唱片名称:  马头琴魂传说 I
发行日期:  2005年
发行地区:  大陆

01.童话 Đồng Thoại
Tóng Huà
02.宁夏 Trữ Hạ
Níng Xià
03.东风破 Đông Phong Phá
Dong Feng Pò
04.两只蝴蝶 Lưỡng Chỉ Hồ Điệp
Liăng Zhi Hú Dié
05.小薇 Tiểu Vi
Xiăo Wéi
06.一首简单的歌 Nhất Thủ Giản Đơn Đích Ca
Yi Shǒu Jiăn Dān De Ge
07.娃娃 Oa Oa
Wá Wá
08.丁香花 Lilac
Đinh Hương Hoa
09.挥着翅膀的女孩 Proud Of You
Huy Khán Sí Bàng Đích Nữ Hài
10.达玛花 Đạt Mã Hoa
Dá Mă Hua
11.千纸鹤 Thiên Chỉ Hạc
Qian Zhĭ Háo
12.天堂 Thiên Đường
Tian Táng
13.同一首歌 Đồng Nhất Thủ Ca
Tòng Yi Shǒu Ge

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