Tuesday, January 5, 2010

[C-POP] Shi Ye (施怡) - Night Lover (夜情人 Dạ Tình Nhân) [DTS 6.1]

Shi Ye (施怡) - Night Lover (夜情人 Dạ Tình Nhân)
| DTS6.1 | 576 MB | Chinese Pop Music | 2006 |

01. Miles Away 千里之外
02. Wedding Skirt For The Flower 花的嫁纱
03. Prey For Buddha 求佛
04. If I Ain't Got You 如果没有你
05. LoneSome Season 寂寞的季节
06. How Sincere And Deep The Love Is 爱的那么认真爱的那么深
07. Don't Hurt Me If You Really Love Me 爱我就别伤害我
08. I'm Really Hurt 我是真的受伤了
09. Poison In Perfume 香水有毒
10. Gray Space 灰色空间
11. Love Is A Sentimental Ballad In Your Heart 爱是你眼里的一首情歌
12. Too Early 太早
13. Never Returned Autumn 秋天不回来
14. The 13th Month 十三月

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  1. the links didn't work. Can you send me other links to download them? I love this album very much :)
    Please send me links to nguyentrung.eco@gmail.com
    Thank you very much!

    1. @Peter Drucker: New link updated for "Shi Ye - Night Lover (夜情人 Dạ Tình Nhân) [DTS 6.1]".