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[Folk/Traditional Music] VA - Treasury Of Chinese Musical Instruments [2005] [4CD] [MP3/320K]

VA - Treasury Of Chinese Musical Instruments [4CD]
| MP3 320Kbps | Chinese Traditional/Folk Music | 
| Instrumental | 4CD (475 MB) | 2005 |

Vol.1 - Wind Instruments
1. Suzhou Scenery [Di-Qudi]
2. Yang Guan Melody [Guanzi]
3. Birds Adoring The Phoenix [Suona]
4. Plum Blossom [Xiao]
5. Abyss of Misery [Guanzi-Double Guanzi]
6. Phoenix [Sheng]
7. Three Tang Melodies - Pinnong, Xi Jiang Yue, Changsha Nuyin [Xun & Percussion Instruments]
8. Fisherman's Song [Bawu]

Vol.2 - Bowed String Instruments
1. Moon Reflects in the Er Quan [Erhu]
2. Regret [Gaohu]
3. The Setting Moon of Early Dawn [Banhu]
4. Birds Sing in the Empty Hills [Erhu]
5. Deep Night [Jinghu]
6. A Paizi Tune of Shanxi Opera [Banhu]
7. Waves [Erhu]
8. Autumn Moon on A Placid Lake [Gaohu]
9. On Grassland [Zhonghu]

Vol.3 - Plucked String Instruments
1. Gufengcao [Guqin]
2. Ambusch on all Sides [Pipa]
3. Fishermen's Song at Dusk [Zheng]
4. The Night of the Torch Festival [Zhongruan]
5. Night Rain Drops on the Window [Konghou]
6. Da Langtaosa [Sanxian]
7. Dragon Boats [Yangqin]
8. High Mountains, Flowing River [Zheng]
9. Love Song from Border Village [Liuqin]

Vol.4 - Ensembles
1. The High Moon [Ensemble]
2. Joy [Plucked String Ensemble]
3. Floting Across Waters [Mini-Ensemble]
4. Emperor Qin Routing the Enemy Army [Ensemble]
5. Guan Shan Yue [Plucked String Ensemble]
6. Petty Scenes on the Su Bank [Mini-Ensemble]
7. Spring on a Moonlight River [Ensemble]

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