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[Mandopop] Vicky Zhao Wei (赵薇) - Сollection (7 Albums & 1 OST) (1999-2009) [APE/FLAC]

Vicky Zhao Wei (赵薇) - Сollection (7 Albums & 1 OST) (1999-2009)
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Zhao Wei (赵薇, born March 12, 1976) is a mainland Chinese film actress and pop singer. Audiences sometimes refer to her by her English name, Vicki Zhao (sometimes spelt Vicky Zhao). She has been awarded the Hundred Flowers Award, Shanghai Film Critics Award, Huabiao Award, Golden Eagle TV Award as well as Shanghai Film Festival Golden Globet, two times Changchun Film Festival Golden Deer and four nominations of Hong Kong Film Award, two nominations of Golden Horse Award...  (Wikipedia)

1999 - Magic of Love (爱情大魔咒)
01 Ai Qing Da Mo Zhou [Magic Of Love]
02 Shi Fou [If]
03 Wo Bu Hui Tou Ku [I Won't Cry]
04 Er Dong [Ear Piercing]
05 An Lian Mao Mi [In Love With A Cat]
06 Che Xiang Bao Xiang [Car Trunk Suitcase]
07 Hello
08 E-Mail Love
09 Wan Shua [Play]
10 Yu Xiang Ku Jiu Ku Ba [Let the Rain Cry]
11 An Lian Mao Mi [In Love With A Cat] karaoke
12 Yu Xiang Ku Jiu Ku Ba [Let the Rain Cry] karaoke
13 Shi Fou [If] karaoke
14 Wan Shua [Play] karaoke
15 Wo Bu Hui Tou Ku [I Won't Cry] karaoke

2001 - Romance in the Rain (情深深雨濛濛音) [Album]
01 Romance in the Rain
02 Station Of Separation
03 Involuntarily
04 Misty Rain
05 Little Mischief
06 New Orchid Stems
07 Ever Since Separation
08 Flying All Around Ballroom Dance
09 How I Wish
10 Ship
11 Occasionally
12 Rain story
13 Past unforgettable
14 Ever Since Separation
15 There is a girl
16 Really does not leave

2001 - Romance in the Rain [Original Soundtrack] (情深深雨濛濛音乐全记录)
01 Qing shen shen yu meng meng [Romance in the Rain] - Zhao Wei
02 Hao Xiang, Hao Xiang [How I Wish] - Leo Ku
03 Xiao yuan jia [Little Mischief] - Zhao Wei
04 Li bie de che zhan [Station Of Separation] - Zhao Wei
05 Bu you zi zhu [Beyond My Will] - Zhao Wei
06 Zi cong li bie hou [Ever Since Separation] - Zhao Wei
07 Xin lan hua cao [New Orchid Stems] - Zhao Wei
08 Man chang fei yuan wu qu [Flying All Around Ballroom Dance] - Zhao Wei
09 Yan yu meng meng (烟雨濛濛) [Misty Rain] - Zhao Wei
10 Romance in the Rain (orchestra)
11 Station Of Separation (small orchestra)
12 Romance in the Rain (double violin)
13 Ever Since Separation (violin)
14 Vessels (flute ensemble Ling Melody)
01 Amidst the Rain - Leo Ku
02 Hao Xiang, Hao Xiang [How I Wish] - Zhao Wei
03 Ship - Zhao Wei
04 Occasionally - Zhao Wei
05 The story of the rain - Zhao Wei
06 假正经 Jia Zheng Jing - (Cutie)
07 Night in Shanghai (Cutie)
08 Drizzle (Cutie)
09 Past unforgettable - Zhao Wei
10 Hao Xiang, Hao Xiang [How I Wish] - (violin)
11 Amidst the Rain (cello)
12 Involuntarily (Violin & Cello)
13 Amidst the Rain (vocal music)
14 Rain story (cello Free)

2001 - The Last Separation (最后一次分手 新歌+精选)
01 Ai Zhi Xuan [Profound Love]
02 Qing Chen Yang Guang [Morning Sunshine]
03 Bu You Zi Zhu [I Can't Help It]
04 Qian Yan Wan Yu [A Thousand Words]
05 Chao Shui [Tide]
06 Zui Hou Yi Ci Fen Shou [The Last Separation]
07 Wo De Ai Bu NG [My love doesn't NG]
08 Zai Wo Xin Zhong Yi Ran Zui Mei [Still The Most Beautiful In My Heart]
09 Xiang Wo Ma [Thinking Of Me]
10 Drum pump wave
11 瓶中信 Ping Zhong Xin
12 Breaking up and you can not (Dance)
13 There is a girl (Dance)

2004 - Piao (Afloat) (飄)
01 Bian Le [Changed]
02 Zhe Yi Ke Wo Xiang Xin Ni Shuo Wo Ai Ni [I Believe You Say I Love You This Moment]
03 Jian Jian [Gradually]
04 Wu Jin De Sha Shi Bi Ya [The Eternal Shakespeare]
05 Yi Zhi Xia Yu De Xing Qi Tian [Rainy Sunday]
06 Biao Qing Dong Zuo Yu Yan [Expression Movement Language]
07 Zhuang Tai [Condition]
08 Sheng Ming Li De Zhe Yi Tian [This Day In My Life]
09 Shi Yi Yue [November]
10 Tian Shi Zhi Ming [In The Name of Angel]

2005 - Double (Shuang 双)
01 Lai De Ji De Ming Tian (There's Still Time For Tomorrow)
02 Shun Feng Ni Feng (With and Against the Wind)
03 Wei Xiao De Bu Fen (One Tiny Part)
04 Tong ku zhi ge(Painful song)
05 Wo He Shang Guan Yan (Me and Shang Guan Yan)
06 Duo Qing Ying Xiao Wo (Emotion-felt Should Be Laughed At)
07 Shu Qing Shu Zhong (Which is Heavy, Which is Light)
08 Ye Chang Meng Duo (Long Night, Many Dreams)
09 Bu Yao Gao Bie (No need to Depart)
10 Fa Xian (Realise)
11 Ai (Love)

2007 - Angel's Suitcase (天使旅行箱)
01 旧玩具 Old Toy
02 天使旅行箱 Angel Suitcase
03 Morning Love
04 多爱自己一些 Love Oneself A Little More
05 恰恰爱 Cha Cha Love
06 蝶 Butterfly
07 小蜜蜂 Honeybee
08 树叶的崇拜 Leaf Worship
09 不怕 Not Afraid
10 大城小恋 Small Love in the Big City

2009 - We Are All Great Directors (我们都是大导演)
1. 大导演 Great Director
2. 老板娘 Proprietress
3. 走散 Wander Away
4. 游园会 Garden Party
5. 幻与幻想 Magic and Illusion
6. 江城子 Jiang Cheng Zi
7. Happiness
8. 觉醒 Awakening
9. 木兰香 Fragrance of Magnolia
10. 时间停了 Time Has Stopped

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