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[Koto/Japanese Zither] Nozomi Miyanishi (宫西希) - Chotto Hitori KOTO (2003) [APE]

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As a self-proclaimed Kotist, Nozomi’s motto is to enjoy a modern, free style of music. To that end, she is actively pursuing her career as a solo artist. She has collaborated with a number of famous artists from a variety of musical genres, and performs and records her own original pieces. She has released four CDs and one DVD in Japan, and her music is used regularly on TV and on the radio. The tone color of the Koto comes through in the “healing music” that she creates regularly, part of which is currently being broadcast on SKY PerfecTV! In addition to writing and performing her music, she was a D.J. at KBS, a popular radio station in Kyoto.

Nozomi Miyanishi began studying the Koto with her mother when she was 3 years old. With her unique musical sense, she began to compose and perform music on a toy piano. When she was 15 years old, she won an award at the Kanto Area Richard Clayderman Piano Contest. After receiving an excellent education in music at the renowned Ina Gakuen High School in Saitama Prefecture, she proceeded to graduate from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music, where she majored in traditional Japanese music.

After graduating from university, she taught music at a high school, then went on to become a master of the IKUTA-RYU Chikushi Group. (IKUTA-RYU is one of the two Japanese koto schools ) As well as being a private instructor, she became active in the world of traditional Japanese music. She joined “Orchestra Asia”, a group composed of representative performers of traditional Japanese, Chinese & Korean musical instruments, on their Asian tour. She performed with a standard Koto (13-string), a 17-string (Bass) Koto and a 20-string Koto. She has performed with a number of ballets and orchestras both in Japan and abroad, and is recognized as one of the leading solo performers of J-traditional pop. J-traditional pop is popular music created on a traditional Japanese instrument.

While Nozomi expresses the distinctive traditional features of the Koto during her performances, she adds her own unique musical theory and sensitivity to create a new, exciting sound. She is a charming performer, and the pieces which she composes overflow with her gentle nature and inner beauty to stir the heart of anyone who hears her music. “In the nicest way, I want to shatter the current image of the Koto!” The tone color of her Koto is so warm, strong and gentle that it will certainly crumble her listeners fixed ideas about the Koto. There are truly many people who have been charmed by her pieces and her performances.

While she treasures tradition, Nozomi Miyanishi is an artist with a totally new sense and style who is making a great impact in the music world.

Nozomi Miyanishi (宫西希) - Chotto Hitori KOTO (2003)
| APE+CUE | 241 MB | Koto (Japanese Zither) | Instrumental |

专辑中文名: ちょっとひとりKOTO
艺术家: 宫西希 (Nozomi Miyanishi)
资源格式: APE
发行时间: 2003年
地区: 日本

01. 赤いスイートピー
02. 桜坂
03. 涙そうそう
04. 真夏の果実
05. サファイアの瞳
06. なごり雪
07. ロビンソン
08. 北ウィング
09. ひだまりの诗
10. 春よ,来い
11. 部屋とYシャツと私
12. 「いちご白书」をもう一度
13. 巡恋歌
14. オギヨディオラ
15. 夜空ノムコウ

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