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[Native American Flute] Tomas Walker - Spirit Dreams (2008) [FLAC]

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Tomas Walker - Spirit Dreams (2008)
| FLAC (Tracks) | Native American Flute | Instrumental |
| Label: Reflections | 382 MB | 2008 |
Ron Allen (alias Tomas Walker) is more recently known as Ashtar Ron Allen due to his study of Hindustani Classical music, advanced European and other world musics to bring them together as a new global musical language called RagaMelodix. He has many CD's on Solitude's with nature sounds by Dan Gibson, world music on Avalon, Tomas Walker Reflections label and others. Ashtar Ron translated hypnosis into musical language verified by Dr. Lee Bartel and Dr. Noor Yonidev as measurably effective to aid wellness, healing and influence noticeable mood change thru bio and brain wave entrainment specific to his techniques called HypMelodix. With over 63 CD's of his own and as alias Tomas Walker and Aidan Newbourne, Ron excels at original innovative music. A master of sax, world flutes including Bansuri, Cedar, Nay and Chakuhachi, he celebrates the unity of diversity is most CD's. From gentle solo piano to energetic contemporary jazz sax, his sound is texturally unique and melodically beautiful. He produced, performed and composed the climax to Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ film, and is featured within the soundtracks of many others. CD's for MOOD, Solitude's, Avalon, Reflections, RSM, and other labels. (Dr. Noor Yonidev)

1. Dawn
2. Morning Prayer
3. Cloud Watching
4. Wildflower
5. Peaceful Valley
6. Soaring
7. The Awakening
8. Ancestral Home
9. Sacred Journey
10. Circle Dance
11. Sunbeat

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