NOTEIf you are using the old WinRAR versions (< v5), it is not able to decompress RAR 5.x archives, so upgrade to the latest version is WinRAR 5.50: https://goo.gl/EhHGui

How to direct download and break the speed limit from Baidu cloud service without account required (Update November 2017)

Step 1 - Install "Internet Download Manager" with latest version.

Step 2 - Install this add-on to your Firefox browser
If you are using Chrome browser, add this Extension:

Step 3 - Install this script

Step 4 - Open the URL of file that you want to download in browser. 
Hover on "下载助手" button and it will drop down list: 直接下载 and 显示链接
Click on "显示链接" will appear a small pop-up with direct download link.
Click on the link that, IDM will catch link automatically and download.
If IDM can't catch link automatically, copy the direct link and paste into the Add URL of IDM to download.

I hope this will be helpful to someone.