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[New Age/Easy Listening] Various Artists - The Best Of Jingo Records - Heat Is On (1999-2007) [10CD] [WAV]

The Best Of Jingo Records - Heat Is On (1999-2007) [10CD]
| WAV (Tracks) | 3.16GB | New Age/Easy Listening/Instrumental |

专辑中文名: 发烧专门店 10CD
藝術家:Various Artists
出版社: 安徽文化音像出版社
條形碼: 9787884138197
ISRC: CN270503110

The Best Of Jingo Records - Heat Is On 1 (1999)
01 The Wind of Change From Bandari「Wonderland」
02 Games We Noble Fools Play From David Friedman「Moonrise」
03 Concerto Visanto From Coen Bais「BAIS 7」
04 Indian Dreams From Bandari「Heaven Blue」
05 The Irish Opera From Ballycotton「Fairytale」
06 Tango to Evora - Consoul Trainin & Pink Noisy feat. Anastasia Zannis
07 Tropical Mood From Renato Anselmi「Trance」
08 Forrest Gump Suite From David Metis 「Love Theme from Piano」
09 Syskonoga From「Jazz Jazz」
10 Ioulai Small Town - Yoshio Kimura
11 Give Us a Smile,Alicia From Chuck Brown「Breathe」
12 Ring of Kerry From Ulla van Daelen「Wishes of Sunflower」

The Best Of Jingo Records - Heat Is On 2 (2000)
01 A Woodland Night From Bandari 「Sunny Bay」
02 Midnight Walk From Elizabeth Naccarato 「North Sycamore」
03 A Storyteller Remembers From Lee Johnson 「Trail of Tears」
04 Chuang Chou Dreaming a Butterfly 庄周梦蝶 [Go Slow in Breathing]
05 Vue Sur Mer From Jean-Francois Maljean 「Vue Sur Mer」
06 High Flying From Tom Barabas Dean Evenson 「Butterfly」
07 The Value of Life From Chuck Brown 「Unandorned」
08 Rainforest Rain From Ron Clearfield 「Time on Earth」
09 Les Nenuphars [C'est La Vie - Fontainebleau]
10 Qing Cong 青葱 [Hi-Fi新元素]
11 When Will I See You Again From John Adorney 「Beakoning」
12 Everlasting Love From Chris Babida 「Cafe Ballads」

The Best Of Jingo Records - Heat Is On 3 (2001)
01 Dreamcatcher From Bandari「Garden of Dreams」
02 Cuchulainn From Ron Korb「Celtic Heartland」
03 Monsoon From Ballycotton「A La Cut」
04 Jesu,Joy of Man's Desiring From David Young「Merry Christmas」
05 So the Wind won't Blow it All Away From John Mills「Hallowed Moon」
06 Road to Doneghal From Nigel Holton「Above the Clouds」
07 Tales of the Harbormaster From Elizabeth Naccarato「Jarrell's Cove」
08 The Blessing From Kenneth Kuo「The Memories of Boom-Mi-Pon」
09 Flight of The Windhorse From Conni Ellisor「Dancing The Dream Awake」
10 All the Memory You Are From「Chinese Folks and Famous Pieces」
11 Toki No Michi From Hideki Togi「Gensoufu」
12 Goodbye Little Susy From Bandari「Sunny Bay」

The Best Of Jingo Records - Heat Is On 4 (2002)
01 Mystica From Bandari 「Crystal Lake」
02 Hide and Seek from Teresa Wang 「Modern Tang Allures」
03 Stone Cottage From Elizabeth Naccarato 「Stone Cottage」
04 Time on Earth From Ron Clearfield 「Time On Earth」
05 Overture:Seashore of Motherland From Kenneth Kuo「The Memories of Boom-Mi-Pon」
06 White Cottage from Eric Zhang 「White Cottage」
07 Think Constantly Of The Lover 念念不忘的情人 [汽车音乐发烧之旅]
08 Fields of Home From Ron Korb 「Behind The Mask」
09 As my Heart Desires From John Adorney 「The Other Shore」
10 Oliver Tree From 「Chinese Folks and Famous Pieces」
11 Moonrise From David Friedman 「Moonrise」
12 The Promise Of Love 爱的诺言 [Piano]

The Best Of Jingo Records - Heat Is On 5 (2003)
01 Road In The Green From Nikkos 「Flowing Green」
02 El Condor Pasa From Bandari 「Silence」
03 Carrickfergus From Oliver Schroer 「Celtic Devotion」
04 Story From Ulla van Daelen 「Surprise」
05 Lonesome Whiskey From Ballycotton 「Monland」
06 Dance of The Reed Pipes from Rueibin Chen 「Tchaikovsky Grieg Piazzolla Liszt」
07 New Dawn From Derek Bell 「The Mystic Harp」
08 Jasmine Flowers From Zhao Cong & Qin Wanmin「Carmen」
09 Just A Game, Just A Dream 一场游戏一场梦 「汽车音乐发烧之旅」
10 Waltz Flowers From Chuck Brown 「Breathe」
11 Song of the angles From Bandari 「Breezy Valley」
12 Zigeunerweisen from Birgitte Staernes 「Feugo」

The Best Of Jingo Records - Heat Is On 6 (2004)
01 Fly From Nikkos 「Angels Dreaming」
02 Caribbean Blue From Bandari 「Moonlight Bay」
03 Hornpipe From Ron Korb 「Celtic Quest」
04 Wisdom From Bradfield 「Virtue」
05 The Holiness From Mars Lasar 「Karma」
06 Libertango From Birgitte Staernes 「Fuego A Corda」
07 The Pearl From Doru Apreotesei 「Deep Blue」
08 Inner Voices From Kevin Asbjornson 「Inner Voices」
09 Jasmine Tea Of Happiness From Eric Chang 「White Cottage Love」
10 Besame Mucho From Zhao Cong & Qin Wanmin「Carmen」
11 Stranger On The Shore From Acker Bilk 「All the Hits」
12 Under the Silver Moon From 「Chinese Folks and Famous Pieces」

The Best Of Jingo Records - Heat Is On 7 (2005)
01 Ships Are Sailing From Ballycotton 「FAIRYTALE」
02 Pierre et Gabrielle From Jean-Francois Majean 「Vue Sur Mer」
03 Open Up Your Mind From Stuart Hoffman 「Silent Long」
04 Soft Petal From Tom Barabas/Dean Evenson 「Back to the Garden」
05 Dancing the Dream Awake From Conni Ellisor 「Dancing the Dream Awake」
06 One reason From Antonio 「Espiritu」
07 Your Smile From Bandari 「Wonderland」
08 Before I Close My Eyes From Michael Whalen 「The Softest Touch」
09 Birds Talk in the Morning Sky From Renato Anselmi 「Trance」
10 After the rain From Yassue 「A Fine Day」
11 Water Caress From Tom Barabas/Dean Evenson 「Butterfly」
12 The Empty Swing From Chuck Brown 「Unadorned」

The Best Of Jingo Records - Heat Is On 8 (2006)
01 On the Beach from Eric Chang 「White Cottage Love」
02 Your Own Lullaby From 「Rendez Vous」
03 Snowdream from Bandari 「One Day in Spring」
04 Cinema Paradiso from Roberto Bravo 「Romantic Moments」
05 In the Wind,There is Longing from Kenneth Kuo 「Splendid Adventures」
06 Awakening from Kevin Asbjornson 「Awakenings」
07 Out to Sea from Jochen Vogel 「Celtic Air」
08 O Mio Babbino Caro from Diego Modena, Eric Coueffe & Yuri Ogawa「Opera Dream」
09 Mitra's Song from Ron Korb 「Taming The Dragon」
10 A Kiss Of Goodbye from Diego Modena & Jean-Philippe Audin「The Best Of Ocarina」
11 Blue Boy's New Toy from Lino 「Satin Blue」
12 Boliviana from Ulla Van Daelen 「Surprise」

The Best Of Jingo Records - Heat Is On 9 (2007)
01 The Miracle of Your Eyes From Bandari 「One Day in Spring」
02 In Her Garden From Coen Bais 「Bais 7」
03 Mazurka From Tom Barabas 「Wedding in Heaven」
04 Hymn From Jonas Knutsson 「Flower In The Sky」
05 Can you Feel the love tonight from David Metis 「Love Theme from Piano」
06 Rockin'Skirt From Teresa Wang 「Modern Tang Allures」
07 FRAGOSIRIANI From 「Aphrodite Greece」
08 Mon Coeur Est Un Violin From 「The Romance of European Love Songs」
09 Promise me From Jean-Francois Majean 「Piano Hits」
10 Romance for Violin and Orchestra From Michael Hoppe 「Solace」
11 Winter Snow From Papillon 「If You Haven't Slept」
12 Marching Season From 「Aphrodite Greece」

The Best Of Jingo Records - Heat Is On 10 (2007)
01 In The Place Far Away - Zhang Xu Hua [中国风情 HI-FI萨克斯管]
02 Just the Way You Are from Jean-Francois Maljean 「Piano Hits」
03 Imagine from 「The Romance of European Love Songs」
04 You Are Love from Nigel Holton 「Above the Clouds」
05 Angie from Ulla van Daelen 「Shalimar」
06 Over the Rainbow from David Metis 「Love Theme from Piano」
07 Todaiji from Ron Korb 「Taming The Dragon」
08 Sunflower from Ulla van Daelen 「Wishes of sunflower」
09 Rendez-Vous from 「Rendez Vous」
10 Stardust from 「Jazz Jazz」
11 Green way from Nikkos 「Flowing Green」
12 Wild Lilies'Spring from 「Chinese Folks and Famous Pieces」

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