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[New Age] Tony O'Connor - Collection (1995-2005) (4CD) [FLAC, WAV]

Posted by TUE on Oct 21, 2010 with 0 Comments
Tony O'Connor - Collection (1995-2005) (4CD)
| FLAC/WAV (Tracks+Cue) | 1.26GB | New Age, Instrumental | Studio Horizon | Covers |
"Each piece on this album holds strong and precious memories for me - places I’ve been to and have yet to return - special friends and those magical moments that never fade from thought - long ago days, watching the seasons change. Sitting on the beach at night, under a full moon. Conversations, unrealised dreams. All of these now appear most strongest in my mind and heart as melodies.

I hope you enjoy this little album of memories - my instrumental memoirs. Hopefully, even though they are my thoughts, the music might help rekindle a memory or two for you as well. Music is a universal language and it speaks to us on many vibrational levels." (Tony O'Connor)

Tony O'Connor was an Australian composer, producer and performer of instrumental music. His music has sold over 3 million copies worldwide, releasing his debut album in 1987 and his last in 2007. Tony O'Connor also composed music scores for film and television and is one of Australia's biggest selling instrumental musicians. His music sometimes utilises sounds from nature, and is very much focused on relaxation and what he calls music therapy.

O'Connor died on May 23, 2010, due to a glioblastoma multiforme.

Tony O'Connor - Love Song (1995) [WAV]
01 - Sun Dancing ...07:51
02 - Silhouettes ...05:30
03 - All Of My Life ...08:36
04 - Thoughts Of You ...06:37
05 - Tenderness ...05:33
06 - Captured Moments ...08:07
07 - Reaching Out ...07:16
08 - Whispering A Love Song ...06:50

Tony O'Connor - Dreamtime (1999) [WAV]
01 - Nature's Lullaby ...13:42
02 - Magic ...8:53
03 - Goodnight ...5:41
04 - Night Lights ...11:12
05 - Dreamtime ...6:05

Tony O'Connor - Wind Seeker (2002) [FLAC]
01 - Dawn ...03:39
02 - Kondalilla ...04:45
03 - The One Tree ...05:00
04 - Old Paths, New Ways ...13:00
05 - Meditation ...05:25
06 - Windseeker ...07:31
07 - Forest Call ...03:01
08 - Homeward ...08:37

Tony O'Connor - Memento (2005) [FLAC]
01 - Memoir ...06:56
02 - In Your Hands ...08:34
03 - Remembering You ...05:37
04 - September Moon ...09:26
05 - Betty's Song ...07:19
06 - Once In A Dream ...09:07
07 - Gentle Wind ...05:35

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