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[Classical] Claudio Scimone - Albinoni's Adagios (1996) [FLAC]

Posted by TUE on Apr 1, 2011 with 0 Comments
Claudio Scimone - Albinoni's Adagios (1996)
| FLAC+CUE | 361MB | Classical/Instrumental | Label: Erato/Germany |
"This compilation is a perfect work/study/contemplation CD, when you want to reduce the hum and din of modern life. It's wonderfully played, and has 23 tracks for a total of 72:45 minutes of melodic, serene music.

The famous Adagio in G minor, so often heard in films, etc., is here given a lovely rendition. Played a little faster than most other versions, with the individual instruments (especially the harpsichord) being heard clearly. It's not as lush and smooth as some recordings, but crisper, and to my ears, absolutely delightful.

It's hard to pick favorites among the other selections...each piece is a baroque beauty that flows well from one track to the next. I'm sure this CD will please most people who like 18th century music.
The recordings were done in 1970, '74, and '81, the sound is very good, and it's a great addition to my "quiet time" CDs."

01. Adagio in G minor for organ and strings
02. Concerto Op.10 No.1: Adagio
03. Concerto Op.10 No.2: Andante
04. Oboe Concerto in D minor: Adagio
05. Concerto Op.10 No.3: Adagio
06. Concerto Op.10 No.4: Andante
07. Concerto for two oboes in F: Adagio
08. Concerto Op.10 No.5: Andante
09. Concerto Op. 10 No.6: Larghetto
10. Oboe Concerto in C: Adagio
11. Concerto Op.10 No.7: Andante
12. Concerto Op.10 No.8: Largo
13. Concerto for two oboes in G: Adagio
14. Cocnerto Op.10 No.9: Larghetto
15. Violin Concerto in B flat: Adagio
16. Concerto Op.10 No.10: Larghetto
17. Violin concerto in F: Adagio
18. Cocnerto Op.10 No.11: Larghetto
19. Oboe Concerto in B flat: Adagio
20. Concerto Op.10 No.12: Adagio
21. Sinfonia in G minor: Larghetto
22. Sinfonia in C: Adagio
23. Sinfonia in G: Andante

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