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[New Age/Meditative] Logos (Stephen Sicard) - Ultimate Best Of Logos (2010) [2CD] [FLAC]

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Logos (Stephen Sicard) - Ultimate Best Of Logos (2010) [2CD]
| FLAC (Tracks) | 658MB | New Age/Meditative/Instrumental | Logos Musique |
Stephen Sicard, also known as Logos, is an electronic composer based in France. He has made 30 albums. His music ranges from new age to ambient.

Stephen Sicard (Logos) is widely recognized as one of the most gifted composers of his generation. The musical journey of the self has already inspired several periods since 1987, when his first album, The Sound Color.

But more than story of a talented musician, mosaic albums Logos reflects an awareness and commitment that transcend each composition. "I have always sought to agree the way I live with my way of making music," says Stephen Sicard. My inspiration is inseparable from my environment, my family, everything I hold dear." This line of conduct, which reflected the strength in each disk Logos, and explain a wide public success never wavered over the years. " My music does not want a nice way of forging notes and sounds together. It also expresses the conscience of obligation that is mine to think and act by balancing the interests of ecology, personal development and spiritual practice of daily values of tolerance and respect. "

01. La Rosee De Mai (4:24)
02. La Vallee Des Sylphes (5:40)
03. A L'Ombre Du Sycomore (3:37)
04. Reconciliation (3:41)
05. Le Nard De L'Himalaya (4:36)
06. Le Jade Et Les Cinq Vertus (3:53)
07. La Rose Cosmique (6:48)
08. Levana (4:45)
09. Le Collier De Mor-Ann (3:27)
10. Espace Interieur (6:16)
11. Le Rituel Des Equinoxes (6:15)
12. Spirale (5:27)
13. Procession Celeste (5:26)
14. Le Royaume (5:25)
15. Diademe (5:16)

01. Le Tibetain (5:49)
02. Elevation (4:52)
03. Contemplation (4:42)
04. Evolution (5:19)
05. Message Des Etoiles (5:27)
06. Clemence Infinie (4:07)
07. Le Souffle De La Terre (6:03)
08. Le Moine De Shamballah (5:39)
09. Beaute Eternelle (3:25)
10. Nouvelle Conscience (5:37)
11. Le Temple De L'Orchidee (8:45)
12. Le Sommeil De Chronos (6:24)
13. Vers Un Autre Monde (8:56)

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