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[Guzheng] Wang Sen-di - Buddhist Music Played By Guzheng - Return To Originality (1994) [APE]

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Buddhist Music Played By Guzheng - Return To Originality
Phật Khúc Cổ Tranh Lễ Tán Hệ Liệt - Như Lai Nhất Hiệp (如來一葉)
| APE+CUE | MB | Guzheng/Buddhist/Instrumental | 1994 |
Kucheng, a long-history traditional plucking instrument in China. It was invented in around 231 B.C.. Owing to its long history and widely prevalence, the exquisite skillful art of kucheng features not only in its variety and gracefulness, but also its fusing with regional folk music.

The style of this collection is light, elegant, and relaxed. In the rhythms and harmonies, one can feel the unity of both Being and music, and humans and nature. When one perceives everything with inner calm, it is all true attainment.

专辑中文名: 宗教音乐馆-佛曲古筝礼赞系列X-如來一葉
唱片编号: TCD-2050
发行时间: 1994年03月23日
地区: 台湾

1 如來一葉 Return To Originality
Như Lai Nhất Hiệp
2 渔舟唱晚 Evening Song From The Fishing Boat
Ngư Chu Xướng Vãn
3 金钢一杵 The Diamond Staff
Kim Cương Nhất Xử
4 千瓣莲华 A Thousand-Petaled Lotus
Thiên Biện Liên Hoa
5 随处祥云 Auspicious Wafts Of Incense
Tùy Xứ Tường Vân
6 夏有凉风 Cool Breeze In Summer
Hạ Hữu Lương Phong
7 香焚东海 Incense Offering To The King Of Eastern Sea (Rain Prayer)
Hương Phần Đông Hải
8 十方慈悲 Great Love And Great Compassion In All The Ten Directions
Thập Phương Từ Bi

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