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[New Age, Healing] Various Artists - Rejuvenation Of Life (活水之境) (2008) (4CD) [APE]

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Various Artists - Rejuvenation Of Life (活水之境) (2008) (4CD)
| APE+CUE | 1.17GB | New Age, Instrumental | Wind Music Records |

专辑名称:国外代理系列 - 活水之境 4CD
樂風: 療癒、放鬆、新世紀
发行公司: 风潮唱片
商品編號: SB-013
發行日期: 2008年03月25日

CD Existence (Margot Reisinger) - Planetary Healing (星球療癒) (SD-6009)
01 太陽 Sun (太陽)
02 寧靜旋轉 Mercury (水星)
03 拂曉之愛 Venus (金星)
04 自由與喜悅 Earth (地球)
05 月色 Moon (月亮)
06 以戰神之名 Mars (火星)
07 渴望 Jupiter (木星)
08 最美麗的行星 Saturn (土星)
09 白色極光 Uranus (天王星)
10 無邊的夢境 Neptune (海王星)
11 迷 Pluto (冥王星)

CD Rahul Sharma - Mountain Trail (山徑風舞) (SD-6010)
01 湿婆林伽 - 阿玛那特岩洞 Shiva Linga - The Amarnath Cave
02 肯城章加峯 - 雪中的珍宝 Kanchenjunga - Treasures of Snow
03 大吉岭 - 玩具火车 Darjeeling - The Toy Train
04 湿婆力山丘的落日 Sunset in Shivalik Hills
05 黄昏祷词 Evening Prayer
06 高瓦区的喜马拉雅 - 牧羊人与游牧者 Garhwal Himalayas - Shepherds and Nomads

CD Merlin's Magic - Elements Of Rejuvenation (反璞歸真) (SD-6011)
01 气的冥想1 Qi Gong Meditation, Pt.1 (Attunement) - Directing the Qi
02 如天堂般的气息 Heavenly Qi (The Swan) - For a Happy, Long Life
03 天堂与地球 Heaven and Earth (Dancing Wu Li) - Filling Yourself with Universal Qi
04 在龙之心 At the Center of the Dragon - Strengthening Sexual Energy
05 反璞归真 Elements of Rejuvenation - Rejuvenating the Body and Mind
06 变化 Transformation (Fire) - Spreading Peace and Harmony
07 奉献 Devotion (Earth) - Strengthening the Power of Resistance
08 喜悦 Cheerfulness (Metal) - Releasing Negative Energies
09 神秘 Mysteriousness (Water) - Empowering the Soul
10 柔中带劲 Gentle Impulse (Wood) - Increasing Flexibility
11 气的冥想2 Qi Gong Mediation, Pt.2 (Tao) - In Touch with the Loving Power of the U

CD Merlin's Magic - Angel Symphony Of Love And Light (愛與光中的天使) (SD-6012)
01 愛與光中的天使 Angel Symphony Of Love And Light

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