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[Guzheng/Folk] Ren Jie - West Capriccio, Konghou Yin & Night Mooring By The Maple Bridge (2008) [3CD] [WAV]

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Ren Jie (任洁) - Collection (2008) [3CD]
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Ren Jie (任洁), born in Nanking, an artist of Zheng, is the best young Zheng player in China who won the champions of the two national top music competition.

One of the two champions is the “WenHua Art College Prize”, which is the highest government prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture. The other is the “Gold Bell Prize”, which is the highest Chinese music prize. She was the first double champion of the“WenHua Prize” and the “Gold Bell Prize”. And, the media sang high praise for her as “the most valuable double champion of Zheng in China”. Also, she won the champion of the “International Gold Prize” of solo in the International Art Festival of Korea, North. She had been the first Chinese artist to win the instrumental music gold prize in the 24 years. Then, she was the first best young artist who won the highest government prize, the highest Chinese music prize and the international gold prize. In Nanjing city, she was elected to be the first place of “top 10 outstanding youth”, and was called as a representative of the “Super 80’s who influencing China”.

She held many domestic solo concerts in many cities. She was invited to play in the series of the Spring Festival parties held by the CCTV, and in the closing ceremony of the 10th National Games, etc. She was invited to solo in many important international performances. Her music stayed in German, France, Holland, Belgium, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, etc. Her solo was appreciated by many countries’ leaders. Rongji Zhu, Lanqing Li, Changchun Li, and many other Chinese leaders watched her performances. Also, the emperor of Japan, the chairman of Korea, North, the ambassadors of over 40 countries, like the Great Briton, German, Holland, Russia, etc. watched her performances.

From 1990’s, Ren was appreciated by the famous composers, Mr. Jianmin Wang and Mr. Yao Zhuang. And she was allowed to firstly play their compositions. For instance, the “KongHou Yin”, the “West Capriccio”, the “Anchor alongside the Maple Bridge at night”, etc. They were popular domestically. Some became the compositions provided by the important music competitions, and some won the top prizes like the “Gold Bell Prize”, and some are popular in other countries. Surely, her performances became the models of the compositions and were sung high praise for it. (Renjie.huain.com)

Ren Jie (任洁) - West Capriccio (西域随想)
Nhậm Khiết - Tây Vực Tùy Tưởng
01. 箜篌引 庄曜曲 Konghou Yin
02. 西域随想 王建民曲 West Capriccio
03. 山的遐想 庄曜曲 Reverie Of The Moutains
04. 戏韵 王建民曲 Drama Charm
05. 幻想曲 王建民曲 Fantasia
06. 长相思(筝与大提琴) 王建民曲 Yeaming Forever (Zheng And Violoncello)

Ren Jie (任洁) - Konghou Yin (箜篌引)
Nhậm Khiết - Không Hầu Dẫn
01. 箜篌引 Konghou Yin
02. 月兒高 The Moon is High
03. 臨安遺恨 Eternal Sorrow of Lin'an
04. 伊犁河畔 On the Bank of Yili River
05. 思想起 I Remember
06. 溟山 Min Mountain

Ren Jie (任洁) - Night Mooring By The Maple Bridge (枫桥夜泊)
Nhậm Khiết - Phong Kiều Dạ Bạc
01. 望秦川 Gazing over the Qin River
02. 春江花月夜 Moonlit River on a Spring Night
03. 枫桥夜泊 Night Mooring by the Maple Bridge
04. 西域随想 Recollections of the Western Regions
05. 夜深沉 Deep Dark Night

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