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[New Age] Noel Quinlan - Middle Kingdom II (龙谣II-木兰辞) (1993) [WAV]

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Noel Quinlan - Middle Kingdom II (龙谣II-木兰辞) (1993)
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专辑中文名: 龙谣II-木兰辞
专辑英文名: Middl Kingdom II
艺术家: 陆昆仑 Noel Quinlan
发行公司: BIG SKY
发行时间: 1993年

1. Dragon Song 龙谣
2. A Night At The Beijing Opera (Hua Mu Lan) 木兰辞[除慧]
3. Spring Morning 春朝[广东民谣]
4. Hua Fei Hua 花非花[除慧]
5. The Shepherdess Song 牧羊姑娘[蒙古民歌]
6. Riders Of The Great Wall 城墙上马跑[内蒙民歌]
7. Feng Yang Drums 凤阳花鼓[安徽民歌]
8. Heng Chun Folk Song 恒春耕农歌[台湾民谣]
9. Hong Dou Ci 红豆词[除慧]
10. Nan Ni Shores 南泥湾[陕北民谣]
11. Autumn Meditation 秋思[中国古曲]
12. Kang Ding Love Song (Remix) 康定情歌(混音版)[西康民谣]

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