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[New Age/Nature] Various Artists - World Harmony (Гармония Мира) (2007) [4CD] [APE]

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Various Artists - World Harmony (Гармония Мира) (2007) [4CD]
| APE+CUE | 1.33GB | New Age/Nature/Instrumental | Full Covers |

CD1 - Water Element (Водная стихия)
1.Podzemele water (1:07)
2.Dozhd in the woods (1:20)
3.Bormotanie stream. River. Grey Wagtail. Kingfisher (6:52)
4.Rassvet lakes. Morning at the lake (6:04)
5.Ruchey in the woods. In Lapland (5:52)
6.Yuzhny Nightingale (4:49)
7.Vodyanoy shepherd (0:31)
8.Prud (1:19)
9.Pesni Frogs (1:17)
10.Pesni frogs (Part 2) (1:01)
11.U shore. Walking along the shore. At the river mouth. Kulik. Duck. Australian swamp. Red-breasted Merganser. Geese. Music of the sea. Chop. Sea of Troubles. Gulls. Big waves and the cries of seagulls. Gaga (8:59)
12.U Bank (part 2) (9:20)
13.Volshebnye songs whales (3:56)
14.Gorbaty Whale (2:13)
15.Kit narwhal (1:39)

CD2 - Mysteries Of The East (Закадки Востока)
01. Bali - the temple of the ocean (4:30)
02. Dedication Curfu Part 1 (2:24)
03. Dedication Curfu Part 2 (4:04)
04. Light of wisdom (8:33)
05. Chinese Garden - Earth (3:47)
06. Chinese Garden - Iron (3:59)
07. Kitayskiysad - Water (5:35)
08. Chinese Garden - Tree (3:39)
09. Chinese Garden - Fire (3:31)
10. Indian flute and drums - the white horse (4:34)
11. Indian flute and drum - Casbah (6:35)
12. Mysterious psalms - Spell (5:21)
13. Bali - Holy Water (8:22)

CD3 - The Sounds Of The Jungle And Tropical Forests
(Звуки джунглей и тропических лесов)
1.Rassvet station of La Selva (3:41)
2.Rassvet in Carara Reserve (2:00)
3.Rassvet in the national park Tortugero (2:04)
4.Braziliya: Dawn of Sayvadele (4:38)
5.MAYYA: ruins of Tikal. Insects in the morning. Blue Momot. Tropical bird (2:05)
6.Bolshoy concert in Papua (2:20)
7.DZHUNGLI Sulawesi. Bird drongo. Govorun. Black Oriole. Bird Male. Nightjar. Australian cuckoo (5:03)
8.Kosta Rica (2:13)
9.San Pedro after the rain (2:59)
10.DZHUNGLI Borneo. Twittering Warbler (0:38)
11.Motsart: Concerto for Clarinet (1:13)
12.Motsart: Clarinet Concerto (part 2) (1:21)
13.V AFRICA. Nature of Zimbabwe. Botswana. Lev. Bunch of yellow baboons. Pallas shrike. Borodastik. Belobrova redstart. Pigeons. Spotted Hyena (11:40)
14.Rassvet in Venezuela (1:44)
15.Rassvet in the marshy forests (Venezuela) (1:27)
16.Venesuelskie Ptakha (1:44)
17.Egipetsky Goose (1:04)
18.Muzykalnaya Interlude: Andante (1:12)
19.Afrikansky eagle and lapwing (0:45)
20.Lesnoy nightjar and frogs in the swamps of the Amazon (1:58)
21.Kontsert insects in Gabon, Sumatra and New Guinea (4:53)
22.Sumerki in the tropical forests of Costa Rica (1:39)
23.Afrikanskie night (1:34)

CD4 - Tranquility, Sounds Of Gardens (Спокойствия звуки садов...)
1.Les early morning (6:05)
2.Utrenny concert (3:25)
3.Utro in the mountains. The bells chime in the valley (6:21)
4.Shum summer forest (3:14)
5.Drozd (0:42)
6.Pesnya Thrush (0:54)
7.Zyablik (1:11)
8.Lastochka (1:34)
9.Cherny Thrush (2:23)
10.Malenkaya flycatcher (1:15)
11.Pevchie Birds Australia (1:06)
12.Fleytovaya Bird (0:50)
13.Pevchy Shrike (1:02)
14.Chernaya heater (0:59)
15.Lesnoy lark (1:36)
16.Interlyudiya: Adagio (1:31)
17.Ptitsa in the reeds (0:57)
18.Chernobryuhaya heater (1:10)
19.Pauza (2:46)
20.Dozhd in the woods (5:38)
21.Snova in the mountains. Bullfinch. Bells on sheep (3:57)
22.Provans. Grasshoppers. Blackbird (1:23)
23.Drozdy at dusk (5:15)
24.Kontsert a summer night. Green Frogs and toads (1:04)
25.Finlyandiya. Midsummer. Night. Nightingales (9:21)

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