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[New Age] Medwyn Goodall (Midori) - Collection (1987-2013) [88CD] [WV/APE/FLAC]

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Medwyn Goodall (Midori) - Collection (1987-2013) [88CD]
| WV/APE/FLAC (Image/Tracks+Cue) | 25.6GB | New Age | Cover Included |
Medwyn Goodall (born in 1961) is a composer and musician mostly associated with the New Age genre. He was born in Yorkshire, England. He lives with his wife Wendy in Cornwall, England. According to Allmusic, "Goodall began composing original songs as a teen, earning local notoriety with his band Trax; in the years to follow, he learned to play a vast range of instruments, including mandolin, piano, drums, harp, flute, glockenspiel, panpipes, vibraphone and synthesizer, and cut his first album at age 16". He is a prolific recorder, having recorded over 75 albums. He also topped the UK music charts twice and sold over three million albums. His first album was Emergence (1987), published by New World Music. His early albums were published also by Oreade Music. Medwyn Goodall recently started MG Music, a record label which specializes in New Age music.

He produced albums on which he arranged, performed, mixed and mastered every song, although his album, Om (2006), was produced together with Terry Oldfield and Om2 (2010), was produced together with Aroshanti. There is an updated list of his albums at MG Music and at All Music web sites.

Many of Goodall's recent releases have been under the alias Midori. He explains that he chose this alias so he "could record projects that were more ethnic, eastern, or produced for the healing arts" without confusing fans of his other music.  However, there are also other musical artists using or known by the name Midori (such as the jazz-punk combo Midori and the Japanese violinist Midori Goto).  (Wikipedia)

Được mệnh danh là cây đại thụ của dòng nhạc New Age - Medwyn Goodall được sinh ra ở Yorkshire, Anh, năm 1961, và sống với vợ là Wendy ở Cornwall. Goodall bắt đầu soạn nhạc từ khi còn là thời niên thiếu, thành danh với bạn nhạc địa phương Trax. Trong những năm đó, ông đã học chơi rất nhiều loại nhạc cụ như: mandolin, piano, trống, đàn hạc, sáo, đàn chuông.....

Nhạc của Medwyn trãi dài rất sâu và rộng, vận dụng đến hàng chục loại nhạc cụ khác nhau đến cả tiếng tre trúc tiếng sáo mà nếu kể tên ra cũng ko biết là nhạc cụ gì (Panpipes, Sicu, Bamboo flutes, Charango, Spanish Guitar, Marimbas). Ông làm tất cả 1 mình trong phòng studio riêng. Các sáng tác thông thường là thuộc dòng Meditation khi hòa trộn nhiều âm thanh thiên nhiên dẫn người nghe đến cảm giác thư giãn thanh thản hoàn toàn, hoặc là dòng Ethnic Fusion khi mượn âm hưởng của các dân tộc trên thế giới từ Inca, Tibet, Maya Nam Mỹ, India đến Celtic New Age. (Sưu Tầm)

Medwyn Goodall - Emergence (1987) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - In The Stillness Of A Moment (1989) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - The Mystic Trilogy (Druid, Merlin, Excalibur) (1990) [3CD] [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Earth Healer (1991) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Medicine Woman Trilogy (1992-2005) [3CD] [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - The Way Of The Dolphin (1992) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Kingdom Of The Sun God (1993) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Great Spirit (1993) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Antarctica The Last Wilderness (1993) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Goddess From The Sea (1994) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Nazca, Land of the Incas (1994) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - The Dolphin Quest (1995) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Eagle Spirit (1995) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Tintagel, Castle of Arthur (1995) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Golden Dreams, Forever (1995) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Guardian Spirit (1996) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - The Round Table (1996) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Shoshone Dream (1996) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Alcazar, Flame of Passion (1996) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Where Angels Tread (1996) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - The Gift of Excalibur (1996) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - The Grail Quest (1996) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - The Fair Queen Guinevere (1996) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - King Shaman (1996) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Moon Goddess (1996) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Spirit of Christmas (1997) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - All Good Things (1997) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Priestess Return To Atlantis (1997) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Clan: A Celtic Journey (1998) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Ancient Nazca: Inca Mysteries (1998) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Kindred Spirits (1998) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - A Christmas Tapestry (1998) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Comet (1999) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Millennium (1999) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Feng Shui Vol.2 (The Mind, Body And Soul series) (2000) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Lightstream (2000) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Siesta (2000) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - The Scroll (2000) [WavPack]
Medwyn Goodall - Essence of Magic (2000) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Reflexology - The Mind, Body and Soul Series (2000) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall, Terry Oldfield & Friends - OM (2006) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Sleep (Mind Body Soul Series) (2000) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - The Best Of Medwyn Goodall (2000) [WAV]
Medwyn Goodall - The Dragon's Breath (2001) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Anam Cara (2001) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Timeless (2001) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Meditation and Visualisation (2001) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Snows of Kilimanjaro (2002) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Rhythm of the Ancients (2003) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Chronicles (2003) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Sacred Medicine (2004) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Land of the Inca (2004) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Pagan Dawn: The Selected Music Of Medwyn Goodall (2004) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Coral Sand (2004) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Eye of the Wolf (2004) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - King Arthur (2004) [3CD] [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall & Scott Jasper - Tribal Nation (2005) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Winds Across the Pacific (2005) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - Bonsai Garden (2005) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - The Way Of The Ocean (2006) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall - The Sorcerer's Daughter (2006) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Gregorian Harmony (2006) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Earth Goddess (2007) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - The Magic Of Easter Island (2007) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - A Promise Of Angels (2007) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Aromatherapy And Massage (2007) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Rainforest (2007) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Medwyn Goodall's Summer (2007) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Amun Ra (2008) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Origins (2009) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall with Runestone - Druid II (2009) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Medicine Woman IV: Prophecy (2009) [APE]
Medwyn Goodall, Aroshanti & Friends - OM 2 (2009) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Clan III (The Lands Beyond) (2010) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Tears Of The Dragon (2011) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall & Aroshant - With Every Breath (2011) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Moon Goddess 2 (2012) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Earth Healer 2 (2012) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - A Promise Of Love (2012) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Thunder Drums (Taiko) (2012) [WAV]
Medwyn Goodall - Music For The Goddess - She (2013) [FLAC]
Medwyn Goodall - Emerald (2013) [FLAC]

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