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[Guzheng] Duan Yinying - Qin Qian Mei Ren Yin II (琴牵美人吟II) (2011) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Nov 30, 2011 with 3 Comments
Duan Yinying - Qin Qian Mei Ren Yin II (琴牵美人吟II) (2011)
| WAV+CUE | 397MB | Guzheng, Instrumental | Covers Included |
Duan Yinying, a master's degree graduate from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, is a young teacher specializing in the guzheng (Chinese zither) and a member of the Sichuan Musicians Association.

In 1997, Duan Yinying enrolled in the Sichuan Conservatory of Music Affiliated Middle School, and in 2003, she was admitted to the Folk Music Department of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. In 2004, she recorded the VCD demonstration tutorial for the "Sichuan Province Grading Standard Teaching Materials" and published it. In 2006, she released her first personal album "Eternal Remembrance," a guzheng tribute to Leslie Cheung. In the same year, she published a personal audiophile disc "Qing Qian Mei Ren Yin," and received numerous honors, including the "Gardener Award" at the 7th Chengdu Top Ten Children's Art New Seed Competition.

Duan Yinying studied successively under Professor Li Ke, Associate Professor Jiao Li, Associate Professor Qiu Ji, and Mr. Wang Zhongshan. In 2007, she became a disciple of Professor Zhou Wang, a guzheng performer and educator at the Central Conservatory of Music (studying under his careful guidance to this day).

Her playing is agile and urgent, like the flowing of strings. Her demeanor is tranquil and focused, leading to a quiet and distant beauty. Adored by many, she is a unique and precious treasure in the music world. Appreciating the sentiment and charm of guzheng music, she captivates the audience in the beauty of the melodies and scenes.

Beautiful Duan Yinying, beautiful guzheng music. Compared to the performance five years ago in "Qin Qian Mei Ren Yin," Duan Yinying's playing technique and emotional control have become even more proficient and natural. The guzheng strings are full and natural, releasing the fragrance of a woman, delicate and lovable.

A beauty plays the guzheng by the window in broad daylight, the strings creating musical language on the zither. The emotions linger, the melodies echo, seeking solitude amid towering mountains and flowing waters. Savoring fragrant tea, observing the moon's shadow, enjoying the beauty in solitude. Listening to the beauty play the guzheng and lightly sing, displaying charm, and watching the beauty dance, immersed in the dream among the flowers. Twelve charming and elegant guzheng performances, paired with twelve beautiful Tang and Song poems, present an absolute choice of refined taste.

专辑名称:琴牵美人吟Ⅱ DSD

01 - 女儿红 Nu'er Hong ...5:04
Nữ Nhi Hồng
02 - 一生爱你千百回 Never Stop Loving You ...5:00
Nhất Sinh Ái Nễ Thiên Bách Hồi
03 - 传奇 Legend ...5:05
Truyền Kì
04 - 情深海更深(吻和泪) Love Is Deeper Than The Sea ...5:38
Tình Thâm Hải Canh Thâm (Vẫn Hòa Lệ)
05 - 怨苍天变了心(恨在今天再相遇) Complained Fate Of Love ...3:49
Oán Thương Thiên Biến Liễu Tâm (Hận Tại Kim Thiên Tái Tương Ngộ)
06 - 娘心 The Mother's Heart ...4:40
Nương Tâm
07 - 心有千千结 The Heart With Million Knots ...4:42
Tâm Hữu Thiên Thiên Kết
08 - 飘雪(蝶儿蝶儿满天飞) Falling Snow ...4:34
Phiêu Tuyết (Điệp Nhân Điệp Nhân Mãn Thiên Phi)
09 - 沉浮 Ups And Downs ...4:43
Trầm Phù
10 - 似是故人来 Like An Old Friend Arrives ...4:17
Tự Thị Cố Nhân Lai
11 - 我心以许 My Heart Has Promised ...4:05
Ngã Tâm Dĩ Hứa
12 - 城里的月光(月光光) The Moonlight In The City ...5:31
Thành Lí Đích Nguyệt Quang (Nguyệt Quang Quang)

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