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[Flamenco/Ethnic Fusion/Guitar] Jose Luis Encinas - Collection (1997-2010) [6CD] [FLAC]

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Jose Luis Encinas - Collection (1997-2010) [6CD]
| FLAC (Image/Tracks+Cue) | 2.82 GB | Flamenco/Ethnic Fusion/Guitar |
José Luis Encinas is a master lyricist on guitar. Born on July 22, 1966, in Salamanca, Spain, José Luis Encinas Puente quickly developed a passion for music and began playing guitar at age 13. He idolized the music of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and B.B. King, as well as Mark Knopfler of the band, ‘Dire Straits’. He can eloquently transport the listener to romantic castles, Sahara deserts, fields of the countryside; to amazing, new horizons and on exhilarating flights. At the same time, he progressively provides more insight about himself on each, new CD. Some of the feelings evoked by the mood of his songs, are: happiness and hope, love and devotion, sadness and nostalgia. (

1997 Duende
01.Noche en el sur [5:00]
02.Puerta del misterio [5:11]
03.Luna de fiesta [5:10]
04.Mi unico y verdadero amor [5:00]
05.Asturias XXI [4:04]
06.Desierto [4:03]
07.Musica nocturna de las calles de Madrid [3:05]
08.Sad metropolis (mi bolerona) [4:33]
09.Pegaso [3:58]
10.Shadows in blue [4:59]
11.Mercuriana [4:35]

1999 Aurora
01.Buscame [4:56]
02.Huracan Rumba [3:57]
03.Aurora en llamas [4:17]
04.Baila, Esmelada [4:22]
05.Dos noches en Granada [5:31]
06.Mi adorada geisha [3:40]
07.Isla Mujeres [4:01]
08.Poem of pain [4:44]
09.Cazador de hielo [4:30]
10.Cortina de niebla [3:28]
11.Buscame [4:57]
12.Buscame (version cantada) [3:49]

2000 Remolino
01.Hechicero [4:15]
02.Las cosas que susurras [4:20]
03.Remolino [4:25]
04.Sahara [4:19]
05.En Aranjuez con tu amor [4:17]
06.La herida lenta [4:49]
07.Intrigas palaciegas [4:09]
08.No te aparto de mi [4:33]
09.Sortilegio [3:58]
10.Andalussain heartbreaker [4:21]

2001 Guitarra Romantica
01.Buscame [4:54]
02.Huracan Rumba [3:55]
03.Sahara [4:16]
04.Remolino [4:23]
05.La Herida Lenta [4:47]
06.Cazador de Heilo [4:28]
07.Las Cosas que susurras [4:18]
08.Cortinas de Niebla [3:26]
09.Intrigas Palaciegas [4:06]
10.Sortilegio [3:56]
11.Isla Mujeres [3:59]
12.Buscame (version cantada) [3:51]

2006 La Herida Lenta
01.Luna De Fiesta [5:12]
02.Sahara [4:18]
03.Travesura [4:09]
04.Como El Sol Al Desierto [4:33]
05.Calle Del Clavel [3:54]
07.Buscame (Instrumental) [4:59]
08.Noche En El Sur [5:04]
09.Desbandada [3:40]
10.Claveles Y Jazmin [5:48]
11.Tierra Roja [3:40]
12.La Herida Lenta [4:50]
13.Las Miles De Cosas [4:02]
14.Siempre El Viento [3:48]

2010 Guitarras Y Lobos
01.Algarabia [3:44]
02.Lo que nunca muere [4:20]
03.Olas de hierba [4:31]
04.Danza de las aguilas [4:16]
05.Zozobra [4:04]
06.Ritos de Luna [4:25]
07.Si yo pudiera [3:25]
08.Antes que la noche [3:56]
09.Cuando el rio suena [4:05]
10.Si yo te contara [4:07]

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