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[Harp, Neoclassical] Gwenan Gibbard & Dylan Cernyw - Miyazaki Hayao's Music World In Harp (2012) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Oct 9, 2012 with 5 Comments
Gwenan Gibbard & Dylan Cernyw - Miyazaki Hayao's Music World In Harp
| WAV+CUE | 278MB | Harp/Neoclassical/Instrumental | Sunrise Music | 2012 |
Sunrise Music, launched on 1996, is one of the biggest independent record companies in Greater China. Sunrise Music has a consolidated and powerful distributor position in Greater China and of Pacific Asia.

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Artist: Gwenan Gibbard & Dylan Cernyw
发行公司:上扬爱乐 Sunrise Music

1. 風の伝説 (風之傳說)
Legend Of The Wind
2. 君をのせて (伴隨着你)
Carrying You
3. 風のとおり道 (風的通道)
Path Of The Wind
4. かあさんのホウキ (母親的竹帚)
The Mother's Brush
5. 遠い日々 (遙遠的日子)
Fruitful Land
6. ひまわりの家の輪舞曲 (向日葵之家的輪舞曲)
Rondo Of The House Of Sunflowers
7. 海の見える街 (看得見海的街道)
Town Where You Can See The Ocean
8. 人生のメリーゴーランド (人生的旋轉木馬)
The Merry-Go-Round Of Life
9. あの夏へ (那個夏天)
One Summer's Day
10. アシタカとサン (亞席達卡與小桑)
Ashitaka And San
11. となりのトトロ (龍貓)
My Neighbor Totoro
Bonus Track:
12. 風のとおり道 (風的通道 - 森林版)
Path Of The Wind
13. ひまわりの家の輪舞曲 (向日葵之家的輪舞曲 - 海洋版)
Rondo Of The House Of Sunflowers

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  1. So nice music! Thank you very much, my friend!

  2. Thanks ! Rất khoái hạc cầm (^_^)

  3. Bác Tuệ ơi, bác còn CD này ko cho em xin lại nhé, link die hết rồi, cám ơn bác ạ,CD hay quá bác ợ!Chúc bác sức khỏe!

    1. @Minh Tuyen Pham: Đã úp lại link mới cho 2 album "Miyazaki Hayao's Music World In Harp (2012) [WAV]" & "Jia Peng Fang - A Wafting Wisp Of Heavenly Perfume (一抹天香) (2011) [WAV]".

  4. Cám ơn bác Tuệ nhiều ạ(^_^)