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[Pipa/Folk] Miao Xiaozheng - Bai Du Shao - Pipa (百度烧-琵琶) (2013) [WAV]

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Miao Xiaozheng - Bai Du Shao - Pipa (百度烧-琵琶)
| WAV+CUE | 391 MB | Pipa/Folk/Instrumental | 2013 |
Miss Miao learned Pipa and Liuqin at an early age from her parents, later specializing in Pipa. She won the Silver Medal at National Children's National Instrument Solo Competition in 1982.
Admitted to the Wuhan Conservatory of Music in 1984, 6 years of hard learning for the future of playing Pipa basic laid a solid foundation.
Again, in 1990, with outstanding achievements, she was admitted to the Folk Music Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music.
In 1993 recorded a personal CD album issued in Singapore.
In 1994, after graduation, she worked for Guangdong Folk Song and Dance Theater, has toured to perform in Malaysia, Korea, Macau and other places, was invited by Malaysia to attend the first session of Malacca international civil Negeri Sembilan Arts Festival and the third International Folk Festival and received well praise.
Miao has been rated as one of the outstanding musicians in Guangdong, her performances of Pipa is skilled, sounds sweet, natural beauty and the pursuit of simple, rigid-flexible and relief-oriented, so that wealth to the level of music has a strong artistic appeal.

专辑名称:百度烧-琵琶 DSD

01.寒鸦戏水 Magpies In The Plum Woods
02.鱼儿戏水 The Joy Of Fish
03.蜻蜓点水 A Dragonfly On The Water
04.狮子滚绣球 A Lion Playing With A Ball
05.月下戏舞 Dancing Under The Moon
06.赶花会 To The Flower Show
07.十面埋伏 Ambush On All Sides
08.昭君出塞 Lady Zhao Jun Bidding Farewell Over The Frontier
09.倒垂帘 Dropping Bead Curtains
10.飞花点翠 Pine And Cypress Trees In The Whirling Snow
11.梅花三弄 Three Variations Of Plum Blossom
12.霓裳曲 Dancing in Gauze Costume
13.出水莲 Lotus Emerging Out Of Water
14.送我一支玫瑰花 Give Me A Rose
15.旱天雷 Thunder In Drought (Pipa & Yangqin)
16.春江花月夜 Spring River On Moonlit Night (Pipa & Guzheng)

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Miao Xiaozheng - Bai Du Shao - Pipa (百度烧-琵琶) (2013) [WAV]
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