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[Pipa] Miao Xiaozheng - Sheng Se (声色 Thanh Sắc) (2004) [WAV]

Miao Xiaozheng - Sheng Se
Mâu Hiểu Tranh (缪晓铮) - Thanh Sắc (声色)
| WAV+CUE | 518 MB | Pipa/Instrumental | 2004 |
Miss Miao learned Pipa and Liuqin at an early age from her parents, later specializing in Pipa. She won the Silver Medal at National Children's National Instrument Solo Competition in 1982.

Admitted to the Wuhan Conservatory of Music in 1984, 6 years of hard learning for the future of playing Pipa basic laid a solid foundation. Again, in 1990, with outstanding achievements, she was admitted to the Folk Music Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 1993 recorded a personal CD album issued in Singapore. In 1994, after graduation, she worked for Guangdong Folk Song and Dance Theater, has toured to perform in Malaysia, Korea, Macau and other places, was invited by Malaysia to attend the first session of Malacca international civil Negeri Sembilan Arts Festival and the third International Folk Festival and received well praise.

Miao has been rated as one of the outstanding musicians in Guangdong, her performances of Pipa is skilled, sounds sweet, natural beauty and the pursuit of simple, rigid-flexible and relief-oriented, so that wealth to the level of music has a strong artistic appeal.


01 好心分手 Hảo Tâm Phân Thủ
Hǎo Xīn Fēn Shǒu
02 甜言蜜语 Điềm Ngôn Mật Ngữ
Tián Yán Mì Yŭ
03 天下无双 Thiên Hạ Vô Song
Tian Xià Wú Shuang
04 双星情歌 Song Tinh Tình Ca
Shuang Xing Qíng Ge
05 下雨的时候会想你 Hạ Vũ Đích Thời Hậu Hội Tưởng Nễ
Xià Yŭ De Shí Hòu Huì Xiăng Nĭ
06 常言道 Thường Ngôn Đạo
Cháng Yán Dào
07 海浪 Hải Lãng
Hăi Làng
08 海角天涯 Hải Giác Thiên Nhai
Hăi Jiăo Tian Yá
09 痴心绝对 Si Tâm Tuyệt Đối
Chi Xin Jué Duì
10 在水中央 Tại Thủy Trung Ương
Zài Shuĭ Zhōng Yāng
11 旧情绵绵 Cựu Tình Miên Miên
Jiù Qíng Mián Mián
12 下一站天后 Hạ Nhất Trạm Thiên Hậu
Xià Yi Zhàn Tian Hòu
13 一脸红霞 Nhất Kiểm Hồng Hà
Yi Liăn Hóng Xiá

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