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[New Age] Wang Jun-xiong (王俊雄) - Fragrance Of Chinese Tea (茶烟轻扬) (2016) [WAV]

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Wang Jun-xiong (王俊雄) - Fragrance Of Chinese Tea (茶烟轻扬) (2016)
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唱片英文名:Fragrance Of Chinese Tea
系列名称:东方音乐 抒情中国系列5

01 - 茶韵。诗情 (洗尽古今人不倦) The Poems Of Tea ...3:35
02 - 茶烟。轻扬 (尘劳烦琐皆以忘) Fragrance Of Chinese Tea ...4:49
03 - 窗风。茶香 (掩卷闻得茶香) Breeze Blows Over The Window ...6:15
04 - 雨夜。随想 (莫由愁曲断人肠) In The Rainy Night ...5:59
05 - 岸上。听浪 (风卷成雪霜) Listen To The Tide ...4:41
06 - 梦迴。花香 (乍醒茶烟和入光) Awake From The Dream ...3:48
07 - 茶意。正浓 (随波到梦乡) In The Mood ...3:58
08 - 暮色。茶琖 (月移花影戏矮墙) Sunset Scenes ...4:25
09 - 夜乐。香光 (映眼温柔是月光) Music And The Moonlight ...6:05
10 - 花落。迴廊 (不如对饮共茶香) The Fallen Flowers ...5:59
11 - 烟云。漱壶 (一溪春绿轻尝) In The Misty Forest ...5:31
12 - 春露。晨光 (朝露春色怎藏) What A Spring Morning ...3:37

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