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[Easy Listening] Wang Jun-xiong & Tsai Ming-fong - Meeting In The Afternoon (相约在午后) (2008) [WAV]

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Wang Jun-xiong & Tsai Ming-fong - Meeting In The Afternoon (2008)
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音乐总监 Music Supervisor:王俊雄 Evan Wang (Wang Jun-xiong)
制作人 Producer:王俊雄 Evan Wang (Wang Jun-xiong)
作曲 Composer:蔡明峰 Tsai Ming-fong
编曲 Arranger:周志宏 Zhou Zhi-hong
钢琴 Piano:郑国腾 Zheng Kuo-teng
大提琴 Cello:陈主惠 Chen Zhu-hui
小提琴 Violin:黄士嘉 Hwang Shyh-jia
吉他 Guitar:杜俊辉 Du Jun-hui
摄影 Photo:黄静芬 Mickey (Huang Jing-fen)
美术创意 Art Direction & Design:林耕宇 Lin Geng-yu

01 - 在街角咖啡与你相遇 Meet You At The Street Corner Coffee ...4:30
02 - 爱上波士顿 Falling Love in Boston ...3:21
03 - 黑森林迷宫 A Maze In Black Forest ...4:04
04 - 难忘的流金岁月 (演唱:杜牧) Could You Tell Me (Vocal Version) ...4:09
05 - 星空下的慕思 Miss You At Starry Night ...4:45
06 - 茉莉花开的幻境 A Dreamland of White Jasmine ...2:59
07 - 烛光中的卡布奇诺 Cappuccino Mood Under The Candlelight ...5:33
08 - 维也纳情海 Vienna Love Sea ...3:46
09 - 提拉米苏的传奇 A Legend of Tiramisu ...4:15
10 - 蓝山映月 Kiss The Moon On Blue Mountain ...5:08
11 - 甜心玛奇朵 Sweet Heart Macchiato ...3:56
12 - 归来吧卡迪娜 Baby Come Back To Me ...4:55

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