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[Percussion, World] St. Louis Osuwa Taiko - TAIKO Drummers - Japanese Taiko (2017) [WAV]

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St. Louis Osuwa Taiko - TAIKO Drummers - Japanese Taiko (2017)
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The Japanese taiko culture, actually origins from China's drum culture. Chinese people invented drum in Xia Dynasty, and drum was introduced to Japan through China during Sui and Tang dynasties (581-907 AD). But since Chinese mainland experienced the Cultural Revolution decades ago, the performance of drum had been devastated and destroyed.

Though the Japanese taiko origins from China, they are building up their own brand now. The most significant feature of Japanese taiko, I believe, embodies the spirit of Bushido. They do not look like playing drum but showing the spirit of samurai, as they wave the drum sticks like wielding samurai swords. Different from the Chinese drum performances, which play gently and give more emphasis on expression, eyes contact and upper body, Japanese taiko is played with the whole body, with great strength.

It will be clearly sensed that Japanese taiko performances have involved many Western music elements from our this taiko record made on the west coast of the United States, which is totally different from their former performance style. All the performers just played the Japanese-style taiko before, but now differ. (

01 - Moro-Rism / 万物の韵律 万物韵律 ...5:31
02 - Cosmic Energy / 宇宙エネルギー 宇宙能量 ...4:41
03 - Kan-on / 観音 观音 ...6:04
04 - Fragrance Of Nature / 自然の香り 自然的芬芳 ...4:35
05 - Island of Life / 生命の岛 生命岛 ...4:22
06 - Time Traveller / 时空人 时空旅者 ...3:31
07 - Shinning Spirit Of Water / 辉く水の精 闪烁的水精灵 ...4:51
08 - Whispering Earth / 大地の嗫き 大地轻语 ...3:31
09 - Mysterious Island / 神秘の岛 神秘岛 ...5:23
10 - Inner Lights / 内なる光 心灵之光 ...4:51
11 - Dreams Like Yesterday / 梦追い 追梦 ...3:36
12 - Lady of Dreams / 梦の女神 梦想女神 ...3:58
13 - Noah's Ark / ノアの箱舟 诺叶方舟 ...3:10
14 - A Passage of Life / 生命の旅 生命的旅途 ...2:52

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