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[Guzheng] Ding Xueer (丁雪儿) - Miao Wen - Jing Zhong Jing (妙闻·镜中境) (2021) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Dec 13, 2021 with 0 Comments
Ding Xueer (丁雪儿) - Miao Wen - Jing Zhong Jing (妙闻·镜中境) (2021)
| WAV (Tracks+Cue) | 411 MB | Guzheng, Guofeng Electronic Music |
Guofeng music, a unique genre of Chinese music, beautifully blends elements of traditional Chinese culture with contemporary tunes. This fusion creates an expansive range of musical genres that seamlessly merge the old with the new. The lyrics are often rooted in classical Chinese literature, while the melodies are adapted from traditional folk tunes. Traditional Chinese musical instruments such as the Guzheng, Pipa, and Erhu are also prominently featured.

This album, released in October 2021 by the guzheng performer Ding Xueer, serves as the inaugural album of the "Lu·Guo Dian" series within the Modern Sky Guofeng Music track. Musicians use contemporary popular music elements as auxiliary expressive forms to explore the fashionable potential of traditional Chinese instrumental music that has yet to be fully tapped. Ding Xueer, with her extensive experience in practice, recording, and performance, standing from the perspective of a modern Oriental woman, collaborated with overseas producers to create this original guofeng electronic music album with a foundation in Western electronic music. The genuine Chinese landscapes presented in "Miao Wen·Mirror Realm" are given a completely new dynamic appearance through the production by Western musicians.

Ding Xueer is an outstanding guzheng performer who studied under the renowned guzheng educator, performer, and Ph.D. supervisor at the Central Conservatory of Music, Professor Li Meng. Authorities in the music industry have praised her, stating, "Her playing technique is superb, her tone is pure, and she has excellent control over her voice. Her performance is full of musicality and tension, and she manages to maintain a sense of delicacy within grandeur. She is truly an exceptional performer."


01 - 惊弦 Liang Xian ...05:12
02 - 沧浪空 Cang Lang Kong ...06:10
03 - 醉游临安 Zui You Lin An ...07:05
04 - 月河共影 Yue He Gong Ying ...05:58
05 - Dance ...04:56
06 - 和光同尘 He Guang Tong Chen ...07:43
07 - 空 Kong ...06:00
08 - 寻梅 Xun Mei ...04:06
09 - 涿鹿 Zhuo Lu ...07:17
10 - 记·留园细雨 Ji·Liu Yuan Xi Yu ...05:19

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