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[Easy Listening] Zheng Changrong (郑昌荣) - Art Of Harmonica (口琴的艺术) (2002) [WAV]

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Zheng Changrong (郑昌荣) - Art Of Harmonica (口琴的艺术) (2002)
| WAV+CUE | 385MB | Harmonica, Easy Listening, Instrumental | Covers Included |
This album, released in 2002 by harmonica virtuoso Zheng Changrong, features eighteen tracks showcasing a diverse array of music. The album includes renowned pieces from both China and abroad, featuring solos and duets that highlight harmonica performance skills. There are also single-melody performances with piano and guitar accompaniment, adding substantial appreciation value. In the harmonica solos, advanced techniques such as third and octave chords, major and minor accompaniments, small drum effects, and arpeggios are used to fully express each classic piece.

Zheng Changrong, a well-known harmonica player in China, graduated from Hubei Academy of Arts and is currently the Vice President of the Guangdong Harmonica Music Research Association. He started learning the harmonica at the age of seven and has decades of performance experience. His style and skills have earned widespread acclaim from audiences.


01 - 卡布里岛 Ka Bu Li Dao ...2:02
02 - 龙的传人 Long De Chuan Ren ...4:20
03 - 托塞里小夜曲 Toselli's Serenade ...3:14
04 - 世界名曲联奏 Shi Jie Ming Qu Lian Zou ...2:48
05 - 北国之春 The North In The Spring ...3:11
06 - 杜鹃圆舞曲 Du Juan Yuan Wu Qu ...2:32
07 - 红翼鸟 Hong Yi Niao ...1:36
08 - 月亮代表我的心 The Moon Represents My Heart ...3:51
09 - 新春乐 Xin Chun Le ...3:06
10 - 送别 Song Bie ...3:33
11 - 荒城之月 Huang Cheng Zhi Yue ...3:50
12 - 万水千山总是情 Wan Shui Qian Shan Zong Shi Qing ...3:09
13 - 怀旧歌曲联奏 Huai Jiu Ge Qu Lian Zou ...3:28
14 - 邮递马车 You Di Ma Che ...1:52
15 - 波兰舞曲 Bo Lan Wu Qu ...3:09
16 - 我们的生活充满阳光 Wo Men De Sheng Huo Chong Man Yang Guang ...1:59
17 - 在北京的金山上 Zai Bei Jing De Jin Shan Shang ...4:32
18 - 阿童木之歌 A Tong Mu Zhi Ge ...1:44

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