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[Saxophone] Zhang Wenbiao (张文彪) - Promised (约定) (2021) [WAV]

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Zhang Wenbiao (张文彪) - Promised (约定) (2021)
| WAV+CUE | 399MB | Saxophone, Smooth Jazz, Instrumental | Covers |
For avid fans of popular music who are familiar with saxophones, especially the tenor saxophone, Zhang Wenbiao's performance in this saxophone album, "约定" (Promised), is both melodious and emotional. His rendition beautifully captures the elegant tones of the saxophone, showcasing rich details and standing on par with vocal performances.

For those accustomed to listening to vocal performances, a change of taste to listen to the saxophone play in "约定" (Promised) by Zhang Wenbiao will undoubtedly provide a different kind of enjoyment.

Zhang Wenbiao graduated from the Xinghai Conservatory of Music, studying under Professor Li Jianzhong, a master performer and educator. He also received careful guidance from renowned artists like Gigi, Lin Chang, and Yu Zhenhai. In 2011, he joined the Guangdong National Orchestra and recorded multiple albums featuring wind instruments. Additionally, he has contributed saxophone and suona sections to several albums of various singers.

Zhang Wenbiao has made significant contributions in the field of the fusion of Chinese and Western music. With extensive practical experience, he has gradually developed unique perspectives in instrument selection, playing techniques, performance concepts, and composition. His music system shows a pioneering style. Some of his compositions, such as "寻梦" (Dream Searching), "校园时光" (Campus Time), "唢呐情怀" (Suona Feelings), "忆冬" (Remembering Winter), "Dinosaur Egg," "Amountain painting," "Rocket Fuel," and more, cover various styles of instrumental pieces, and some have been published by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Press as part of the "Social Art Level Grading Series" of the Xinghai Conservatory of Music.

专辑名称:约定 萨克斯管演奏 HQCD

01 - 流浪花 Liu Lang Hua ...4:35
02 - 味道 Taste ...4:33
03 - 心如刀割 Heart Pierced With a Knife ...5:28
04 - 当你老了 When You Are Old ...4:21
05 - 南山南 The South Of Nanshan ...4:42
06 - 鸿雁 Wild Geese ...4:26
07 - 岁月轻狂 Frivolous Years ...4:57
08 - 堆积情感 Accumulated Emotions ...4:51
09 - 约定 Promised ...4:17
10 - 爱情多瑙河 Love Danube ...4:45
11 - 梦一场 Just Like A Dream ...4:04
12 - 城市足印 The Footprints In The Cities ...3:33
13 - 月半小夜曲 Half Moon Serenade ...3:59

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