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[Zhongruan, Cello] Li Xiaopei, Di Yang & Xu Yulian - Nothing Else (无他) (2020) [WAV]

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Li Xiaopei, Di Yang & Xu Yulian - Nothing Else (无他)
| WAV+CUE | 322MB | Zhongruan, Cello, Instrumental | Covers | 2020 |
"Nothing Else (无他)" presents music in a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western styles, delivering beautiful melodies to the senses in a way that cannot be summarized by quality or excellence. Within this album lies new exploration and experimentation, as well as a deep passion and pursuit of music. Four years in the making, it has expanded the possibilities of music and enriched our aesthetic appreciation, making it a must-have for music enthusiasts. This is a new creation and a new possibility...

I've heard various styles of cellos, from gentle high notes to rich mid-tones and deep bass, but as the first piece played, I was still amazed by this familiar sound – a sound that is both relaxed and unrestrained, a sound that makes me forget time and space.

The zhongruan might not be your everyday music choice, but when the first note plays, I find myself captivated by it. It suddenly becomes clear that there exists a sound I had never encountered before, yet it resonates with me to my core. It's independent, free, and in the midst of the summer, it exudes a refreshing coolness that makes you instantly let down your guard and step into a unique and solitary space, detached from the world's clamor but self-contained.

One from the East, one from the West, one ancient, one modern – they may seem unrelated, but they intertwine delicately and naturally. They take turns to share stories from childhood, secrets from youth, memories of their homeland, and tales of the outside world. Sometimes they laugh, sometimes they fall silent, sometimes they dance, and sometimes they stand still, resonating with the hope of love and the beauty of life, echoing the vitality of all things and the memories of time.

My understanding of good music extends beyond what reaches my ears; it permeates my life and flows into my heart. Those bold or touching melodies always have the power to silently accompany us, filling the gaps in the days that might otherwise be forgotten.

"Nothing Else" is a humble phrase for exceptional skill, and behind the flawless performance, there is a story that anyone can relate to. In this story, there are towering mountains and vast seas, there is timelessness, there is vibrant life, there are complex emotions, there is existence, there is forgetfulness, there is you, there is me, and there is him.

The zhongruan (中阮) is a Chinese plucked string instrument. The zhongruan has a straight neck with 24 frets on the fingerboard and 4 strings. It is usually played with a plectrum (guitar pick). It can also be played with fingers (index finger and thumb with acrylic nails), which is similar to the way of playing the pipa (琵琶). The zhongruan is a tenor-ranged instrument in the family of ruan (阮). In ancient China, the ruan was called Qin pipa (秦琵琶) or Ruan xian (阮咸). Now the ruan has expanded to different sizes and the zhongruan is the "medium" one.

专辑名称:无他 (阮与大提琴的对话) Nothing Else
专辑艺人:Di Yang (邸扬, Zhongruan) & Xu Yulian (许玉莲, Cello)
录音:李小沛 Li Xiaopei
制作人:尤景仰 You Jingyang

01 - 一生所爱 A Lifetime Of Love ...05:15
02 - 四面楚歌 Besieged From All Sides ...04:06
03 - 布列瑟农 Bressanone ...04:31
04 - 黄河谣 Song Of The Yellow River ...04:54
05 - 只要为你活一天 Live One Day For You ...04:54
06 - 佳人曲 Song For The Beauty ...04:48
07 - 红雪莲 Red Saussurea Involucrata ...05:09
08 - 萨巴女王 La Reine De Saba ...03:54
09 - 送别 Farewell ...04:42
10 - 莎丽花园 Down By The Salley Gardens ...03:49
11 - 游北京 - 阮三重奏 (原创) Visit To Bejing - Ruan Trio ...03:17

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