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[New Age/Piano] The Daydream - Melody Tree (颗开花的树) (2007) [APE]

Posted by Trung Tue on Oct 29, 2009 with 0 Comments
The Daydream - Melody Tree (颗开花的树) (2007)
| APE+CUE | 136MB | New Age/Piano/Instrumental | HUKS Music/Korea |

Producer: South Korea Huks Music
Executive Producer: Andy Kim
Composer/Piano: The Daydream
Arranger: The Daydream, Janinto and Kim Yoon
Xiqin: Shin Nal-Sae
Guitar: Kim Yu-Sik
Bass: Han Jyung-Hoon

01. Again 复甦  
02. My Home 恋家  
03. Pour Chopin 说给萧邦  
04. A Melody Tree 一棵开花的树  
05. A Princess Of Goguryeo 高句丽公主
06. Kissing Bird 鸟之吻  
07. Running On The Clouds 奔驰在云端
08. Serenade In Autumn 秋夜曲  
09. Geuri (to the memory of 6.25 war) 不再遗憾  
10. My Home (piano solo) 恋家(钢琴独奏版)  
11. Again (piano solo) 复甦(钢琴独奏版)
12. A Princess Of Goguryeo高句丽公主(奚琴合奏版)  
13. A Melody Tree一棵开花的树(钢琴独奏版)

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