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[New Age] Various Artists - The Future Sound of World - ALASKA New Age I (1992) [APE]

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Various Artists - The Future Sound of World - ALASKA New Age I
| APE+CUE | 380 MB | New Age, Electronic, Instrumental | 1992 |
"The Future Sound of World - ALASKA New Age" is a mesmerizing compilation that takes listeners on a sonic journey through the ethereal landscapes of New Age and Electronic music. The album, released in 1992, features a diverse array of artists, each contributing unique compositions that collectively create an atmosphere of tranquility and introspection.

Kamal opens the album with "Oregon Hill," a piece that immediately establishes a serene ambiance. The delicate instrumentation and soothing melodies create a sense of calm, inviting listeners to embark on a musical exploration.

"Indian Spring" by Sangit Om introduces a blend of traditional and electronic elements. The track captures the essence of nature, with gentle sounds evoking images of blooming landscapes and the rejuvenation of spring.

Check Field's "Echoes the Ancient Battles" introduces a more dynamic element to the compilation. The rhythmic beats and atmospheric sounds create a sense of movement, as if echoing the distant battles of ancient times.

Mark Isham's "Indian Woman" stands out with its evocative melodies and emotive instrumentation. The track pays homage to Native American influences, showcasing Isham's ability to create deeply resonant and culturally rich compositions.

"The Immigrants" by Thom Rotella is a reflective piece that tells a musical story of cultural migration. The gentle guitar work and emotive phrasing contribute to the overall narrative of the album.

George Winston's "Thanks Giving" is a heartfelt piano composition that exudes warmth and gratitude. Its simplicity and emotional depth make it a standout track, offering a moment of contemplation.

In conclusion, "The Future Sound of World - ALASKA New Age" is a testament to the evocative power of New Age and Electronic music. The album succeeds in creating a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary sounds, providing listeners with a diverse and immersive experience. From tranquil landscapes to dynamic battles and cultural reflections, each track adds a unique layer to the overall tapestry of the album, making it a timeless journey through the vast and beautiful landscapes of musical expression.

01 - Kamal - Oregon Hill ...5:57
02 - Kamal - Only My Wings ...4:26
03 - Sangit Om - Indian Spring ...6:02
04 - Sangit Om - Day Dream ...7:16
05 - Check Fifld - Echoes the Ancient Battles ...2:51
06 - Check Fifld - Woodland Cathedral ...5:47
07 - Mark Isham - Indian Woman ...5:36
08 - Mark Isham - Road to Hanna ...4:03
09 - Thom Rotella - The Immigrants ...5:18
10 - Richard Schonerz - Wishing Well ...4:51
11 - Groge Winston - Thanks Giving ...4:09
12 - Check Field - Flowers ...3:48

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