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[Guzheng] Various Artists - Emotional Hawaii Vol.1-5 (情牵夏威夷) (1995) (5CD) [NRG, WAV]

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Various Artists - Emotional Hawaii Vol.1-5 (1995) (5CD)
| NRG/WAV | 1.72GB | Guzheng/Instrumental | Starlight International (HK) |

唱片名称:古筝演奏曲 情牵夏威夷

Emotional Hawaii Vol.1 (情牵夏威夷) (1995) [WAV]
01. 月亮之魔法 Magic Is The Moonlight [0:03:49.22]
02. 雨点的节奏 Rhythm Of The Rain [0:03:02.45]
03. 铁板烧 Sukiyaki [0:03:37.73]
04. 夏之吻·冬之泪 Summer Kisses Winter Tears [0:03:07.15]
05. 一言难尽 More Than I Can Say [0:03:49.65]
06. 夏威夷民谣 Aishite Maruyo [0:03:03.35]
07. 蓝月亮 Blue Moon [0:03:30.52]
08. 我会跟随他 I Will Follow Him [0:03:42.18]
09. 菲律宾民谣 Dahil Sayo [0:05:02.00]
10. 你属于我的心 You Belong To My Heart [0:03:23.52]
11. 老鹰之歌 El Condo Pasa [0:03:29.10]
12. 游人 Travelling Man [0:03:23.33]
13. 我真的不想知道 I Reallly Don't Want To Know [0:03:46.20]
14. 再见 Sayonara [0:03:22.10]

Emotional Hawaii Vol.2 (情牵夏威夷II) (1995) [NRG]
01. 吻我多一些 Besame Mucho
02. 雨中的一对 Yu Zhong Di Yi Dui
03. 人鬼未了情 (主题曲) Unchained Melody ("Ghost" Theme)
04. 我要做梦 All I Have To Is Dream
05. 北国之春 Spring In Northland
06. 你有否看过雨 Have You Ever Seen The Rain
07. 绿茵之家 Green Green Grass Of Home
08. 泪的小花 Tears Of The Flower
09. 麻省 Massachussets
10. 毕业生 (插曲) Sound Of Silence
11. 枕畔留香 Fragrance On Your Pillow
12. 散于风中 Blowing In The Wind
13. 九号催情药 Love Potion No.9
14. 坚尼来迟了 Ginne Come Lately

Emotional Hawaii Vol.3 (情牵夏威夷III) (1995) [NRG]
01. 白鸽 La Paloma
02. 星夜的离别 Parting At Night
03. 大江东去 River Of No Return
04. 告诉罗娜我爱她 Tell Laura I Love Her
05. 女人的叹气 Nu Ren De Tan Qi
06. 五百哩 500 Miles
07. 雨中哭泣 Crying In The Rain
08. 长崎之女 Chang Qi Zhi Nu
09. 你那骗人的心 Your Cheating Heart
10. 我爱你因为... I Love You Because
11. 长崎今天也下雨 Chang Qi Jin Tian Ye Xia Yu
12. 我的玛丽亚 Maria My Own
13. 我爱你是停不下 I Can't Stop Love You
14. 女郎,你是我所爱 Girl You Are My Love

Emotional Hawaii Vol.4 (情牵夏威夷IV) (1995) [NRG]
01. Amor Amor Amor
02. Sealed With A Kiss
03. Always In My Heart
04. Blue Spanish Eye
05. China Night
06. Silence Is Golden
07. How Can I Tell Her
08. You Mean Everything To Me
09. Dong Lian
10. The End Of The World
11. Stranger On The Shore
12. Zui Meng
13. Yesterday Once More
14. Wu Ye Meng Hui Shi

Emotional Hawaii Vol.5 (情牵夏威夷V) (1995) [NRG]
01. I Just Called To Say I You
02. Under The Boardwalk
03. Maria Elena
04. And I Love You So
05. Love Me Tender
06. Moon River
07. Love Is Blue
08. Its Now Or Never
09. Over The Rainbow
10. Born Free
11. Guantanamera
12. Roses Are Red
13. He Will Have To Go
14. Take Me Home Country Road

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