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[New Age] Himekami - Best (姫神) (1987) [APE]

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Himekami - Best (姫神)
| APE+CUE (350 MB) | New Age | Instrumental | Japan | 1987 |
Himekami is a Japanese musical group. The name is derived from Mount Himekami in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture. The group was founded in 1980 by composer Yoshiaki Hoshi as Himekami Sensation (姫神せんせいしょん, Himekami Senseishon), and includes synthesizer player Yoshiki Hoshi and vocalists Wakako Nakajima, Tomoko Fujii, Junko Shiwa, and Yoriko Sano. The group changed its name to Himekami in 1984.

专辑英文名: 姫神 BEST
艺术家: Himekami
资源格式: APE
发行时间: 1987年

01. 青らむ雪のうつろの中へ Ao ra setsu no utsuro no juu he
02. ひとひらの雪 Hito hi ra no yuki
03. 大地炎ゆ-秀衡のテーマ- Daichi en yu - shuu no tema
04. 月のあかりはしみわたり Gatsu no akari ha shimiwatari
05. 夕凪の赋
06. 光の日々 Kou no hibi
07. 远い日·风はあおあお
08. 空の远くの白い火 Sora no ku no shiroi ka
09. 行秋 Gyou aki
10. 春风祭
11. 舞鸟
12. 白い川 Shiroi kawa
13. 山神祭 Sanjin sai
14. 海道を行く(Part I) Kaidou wo iku
15. 雪野  Yukino

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