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[K-Pop] Cool (쿨) - Very Best Album Of Cool 1994-2003 (2004) [2CD] [FLAC]

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Cool (쿨) - Very Best Album Of Cool 1994-2003 (2004) [2CD] 
| FLAC (Tracks) | 1 GB | Pop | Korean | Publisher: CJ Music | 2004-04-21 |
Sustaining sales and popularity throughout a decade, beloved Korean dance group Cool comes up with "Very Best Album of Cool 1994-2003" comprising their previous efforts and three new great tunes!

The compilation album collects 31 coolest hits categorized into 2 discs, namely "dance disc" and "ballad disc". Refresh yourself with smashes "Heartbreak" (track 3, CD 1), "A woman on a beach" (track 7, CD 1), and "Aloha" (track 13, CD 2). Fans must not miss out on Cool's latest acid jazz treat "Why" (track 1, CD 1). Also check out track 2 in disc 1 for the mellow hip hop rhythm composed by Psy.

CD 1
01. 어떡해 Why
02. 벌써 이렇게 Beol sseo i reoh ge
03. 애상 Heartbreak
04. 변명 Byeon myeong
05. 점보 맘보 Jumbo Mambo
06. 슬퍼지려 하기 전에
07. 해변의 여인 A woman on a beach
08. 맥주와 땅콩 Maek ju wa ttang kong
09. 산책 San chaek
10. Love letter
11. 진실 Jin sil
12. 해석남녀 Hae seok nam nyeo
13. 결혼을 할거라면 Gyeol hon eur hal geo ra myeon
14. 운명 Un myeong
15. 날아 날아 Nar a nar a
16. 좋은 세상 만들기 Joh eun se sang man deul gi
17. 미절 Mi jeol
18. 십계 Sip gye

CD 2
01. 그럴 수 있다면 Geu reor su it da myeon
02. 작은 기다림 Jag eun gi da rim
03. 너의 집 앞에서 Neo    ui jib ap e seo
04. All For You
05. 영원한 비밀 Yeong won han bi mil
06. 친구에서 연인이 되기까지 Chin gu e seo yeon in i doe gi kka ji
07. 웨딩데이 We ding de i
08. 그래서 행복합니다 Geu rae seo haeng bok hap ni da
09. Blue Eyes
10. Some day
11. 작년 오늘 Jak nyeon o neul
12. 이젠 I jen
13. 아로하 (Aloha)
14. 5분전 Bun jeon
15. Tell me why
16. 한장의 추억  Han jang ui chu eok

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