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[C-Pop] Yao Siting (姚斯婷) - A Good Man Is Like A Song (男人如歌) (2016) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Jul 11, 2016 with 0 Comments
Yao Siting (姚斯婷) - A Good Man Is Like A Song (男人如歌) (2016)
| WAV+CUE | 425MB | Chinese Pop Music | Covers Included |
Women's singing is like water, and men's hearts are intoxicated. Reinterpreting 13 classic songs by 13 male vocalists in the Chinese music industry, this collection awakens memories of over 20 years of youthful treasures. The voices are beautiful, brimming with emotion, evoking tears and confessions, and enchanting the heart and soul. The melodies are familiar, and the crystal-clear soundstage, precise positioning, and sensory-rich effects make the experience truly captivating.

Yao Siting's deep, slightly melancholic singing, combined with these classic melodies, seems to narrate a series of poignant love stories, leaving people utterly captivated.


01 - 爱那么重 Love So Serious ...4:24
02 - 朋友别哭 Don't Cry My Friend ...4:33
03 - 我的心太乱 My Heart Is Confusing ...4:54
04 - 痛哭的人 Crying Man ...4:22
05 - 明天你是否依然爱我 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ...4:10
06 - 一路上有你 Having You In My Life ...4:14
07 - 宽容 Tolerance ...5:10
08 - 没有抽烟的日子 Days Without Smoking ...4:48
09 - 不让我的眼泪陪我过夜 Didn't Let My Tears Accompany Me Through The Night ...4:21
10 - 一言难尽 It's Hard To Say ...4:44
11 - 下沙 The Desert Of Love ...4:48
12 - 你知道我在等你吗 Do You Know I'm Wating For You ...3:41
13 - 心要让你听见 Let You Know My Heart ...4:12

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