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[New Age] Various Artists - Evening Collection (Вечерняя Коллекция) - Piano Dreams (2003) [FLAC]

Posted by TUE on Mar 25, 2011 with 13 Comments
Various Artists - Evening Collection (Вечерняя Коллекция) - Piano Dreams (2003)
| FLAC+CUE | 437 MB | New Age, Piano, Instrumental | Label: Turbo Music |
"Evening Collection - Piano Dreams" is a mesmerizing compilation that invites listeners into a world of tranquility, weaving a tapestry of melodic serenity through the delicate strokes of piano keys. The album, featuring various artists, showcases the emotive power of piano music in creating an atmosphere of peace and introspection.

"Evening Collection - Piano Dreams" offers a captivating odyssey through the expressive realms of piano music. Each track, meticulously selected, contributes to a cohesive narrative that transcends traditional boundaries. From contemplative ballads to uplifting compositions, this album is a testament to the emotive power of the piano, providing a soothing soundtrack for serene evenings and introspective moments.

01. In Credo - Lolita Dezio (3:31)
02. Jason Tyrello - Lost In Paradise (7:09)
03. The Departure - Particular (5:42)
04. Sebastian M.W. - Karen's Ballade (8:43)
05. Skysurfer - Here Comes The Sun (5:26)
06. Mikel B. - Sonnenschein Ich Liebe Dich (5:31)
07. Mahoroba - World Colours (5:39)
08. San Martino - Es Cavalett (5:48)
09. Patrick Marsh vs..Michael Steep - My Lovin' (6:57)
10. Dreamscape - Phobos (3:29)
11. Loveletter - Once There Was A Girl (3:50)
12. Jason Tyrello - Infinity, Eternity, Extracy (6:12)
13. Richard Van Arp - Artico Puecente (4:30)

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  6. Pác chủ nhà chu đáo ơi!
    Mình doawd piano dream 2003 về , nửa đường thì tắc. làm lại kẻ xấu bảo không có??? Cứu giúp

  7. @minhkhktxl4: Album này download và giải nén bình thường mừ, nếu tải "nửa đường thì tắc" thì chịu khó tải lại thui!^_^

    Bạn nói "làm lại kẻ xấu bảo không có" ý là sao nhở? Mình không rõ?!^_^

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  11. please fix links and reupload also VA - Evening Collection (Вечерняя Коллекция) - The Sounds Of Nature thanks