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[Matouqin] Saiyinjiya (赛音吉雅) - Matouqin's Legend - Brand-new Sun (初升的太阳) (2009) [FLAC]

Posted by TUE on Mar 24, 2011 with 1 Comments
Saiyinjiya - Matouqin's Legend - Brand-new Sun
赛音吉雅 - 马头琴的传说 - 初升的太阳
| FLAC+CUE | 299 MB | Matouqin | Instrumental | 2009 |

专辑中文名: 风华国韵-初升的太阳 (马头琴的传说)
艺术家: 赛音吉雅
音乐类型: 民乐
资源格式: FLAC
发行时间: 2009年11月29日
ISRC: CN-F31-09-344-00/A.J6

编曲 (Arranged by): 苏伯岱 Su Bo Dai
钢琴 (Piano): 苏伯岱  Su Bo Dai
古琴 (Guqin): 赵晓霞 Zhao Xiao Xia
古筝 (Guzheng): 常静 Chang Jing
呼麦 (Khoomei) : 满都呼 Man Dou Hu
(Also spelled as Humei/Xoomei, a kind of throat singing comes from Tuva).
马头琴 (Matouqin): 赛音吉雅 Saiyinjiya

01. 落阳 Setting Sun [0:04:15.49]
Lạc Dương
02. 初生的太阳 Brand-new Sun [0:04:06.17]
Sơ Sinh Đích Thái Dương
03. 诺恩吉雅 Giving Away [0:04:38.22]
Nặc Ân Cát Nhã
04. 色楞格河 Gelenge River [0:04:56.41]
Sắc Lăng Cách Hà
05. 神山 Holy Mountain [0:04:43.48]
Thần San
06. 马头琴传说 (苏和的小白马) Matouqin (Suhe's White Horse) [0:05:23.51]
Mã Đầu Cầm Truyền Thuyết (Tô Hòa Đích Tiểu Bạch Mã)
07. 鸿雁 Swans [0:04:05.55]
Hồng Nhạn
08. 天上的风 Wind Above The Cloud [0:04:57.28]
Thiên Thượng Đích Phong
09. 童心 Innocence [0:04:55.22]
Đồng Tâm
10. 齐树梅林 Plum Forest [0:04:49.32]
Tề Thụ Mai Lâm

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