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[New Age, Natural Sound] Dan Gibson's Solitudes - Collection (1989-2009) (68CD) [APE, FLAC, WAV]

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Dan Gibson's Solitudes - Collection (1989-2009) [68CD]
| WV/APE/FLAC/WAV (Image/Tracks+Cue) | 21GB | Covers Included |

| New Age, Natural Sound, Instrumental | Label: Solitudes |
Dan Gibson (Montreal, January 19, 1922 – March 18, 2006) was a Canadian photographer, cinematographer and sound recordist.

During the late 1940s, he took photographs and made nature films, including Audubon Wildlife Theatre. He produced many films and television series. It was through this film-making that Dan learned how to record wildlife sound. He pioneered techniques of recording, and also helped design equipment to optimize results, including the “Dan Gibson Parabolic Microphone”. Some of his early recordings of the 1950s and 1960s were released on LP records, and started his Solitudes series, which was introduced in 1981.

Dan is well regarded for his contributions to the Friends of Algonquin Park, and his ongoing support for the Algonquin Park Residents Association. Having a lease of land in Algonquin Park gave Dan and his family (Wife: Helen, Children: Mary-Jane or "Kirkie," Holly, Dan, and Gordon) a unique opportunity to connect with nature, and it certainly fueled his passion for the study, preservation and interaction with wildlife.

In 1994, Dan was awarded The Order of Canada for his environmental works. In 1997, Dan was awarded the Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award at the Juno Awards ceremony in Hamilton, Ontario.

Solitudes albums have sold over 20,000,000 worldwide.
- 15 Solitudes albums have been Certified Gold (50,000 units sold) in Canada
- 11 Solitudes albums have been Certified Platinum (100,000 units sold) or multi-Platinum status.  (Wikipedia)

[1989] Harmony [APE]
[1990] Breaking Through the Mist [FLAC]
[1991] Exploring Nature With Music - The Classics [FLAC]
[1993] Demonstration CD [APE]
[1994] Exploring Nature With Music - Favorite Selections [APE]
[1994] Appalachian Mountain Suite [FLAC]
[1995] Legend of The Wolf [FLAC]
[1995] Ocean Surf (Timeless And Sublime) [FLAC]
[1995] Thunderstorm in the wilderness [FLAC]
[1995] Angels Of The Sea [APE]
[1995] Nature's Ballet [WAV]
[1995] Raindance - Impressions Of A Native Land [FLAC]
[1996] Spirit Of Africa [FLAC]
[1996] Forest Piano [APE]
[1996] Exploring Nature With Music - Favorite Selections II [APE]
[1996] Island Paradise [APE]
[1996] Songbirds At Sunset [FLAC]
[1997] Stream Of Dreams [APE]
[1997] Whispering Woods [APE]
[1997] Forever By The Sea - Beethoven [FLAC]
[1997] Celtic Awakening [APE]
[1998] Das Klang-Erlebnis (wellness pur) [APE]
[1998] Natural Sleep Inducement [WAV]
[1998] Piano Cascades [APE]
[1998] Grand Canyon: A Natural Wonder [APE]
[1998] In The Midst Of Angels (with John Herberman) [APE]
[1999] La nature du Québec [WAV]
[1999] Secrets Of The Jungle [WAV]
[1999] Natural Massage Therapy [WAV]
[1999] Nature Sound Collection - Songbirds By The Stream [WAV]
[1999] Dan Gibson & Daniel May - Polynesian Spa [WAV]
[2001] Spring Awakening [WavPack]
[2001] Forever by the Sea - Mozart [FLAC]
[2001] Nature's Spa - Nurturing Rain [WavPack]
[2001] Alaska A Wild Wonder [APE]
[2002] Somewhere Over The Rainbow [APE]
[2002] Lakeside Retreat [WavPack]
[2002] Seaside Retreat [APE]
[2002] Forest Guitar [WAV]
[2002] Memories of Summertime [WAV]
[2002] Zen Escape [APE]
[2002] Nature's Spa - Soothing Massage (with Michael Maxwell) [APE]
[2002] 20th Anniversary - Best of Solitudes [2CD] [WAV]
[2003] Island Retreat [WAV]
[2003] Natural Stress Relief II [FLAC]
[2004] Solitudes - ±Thunderstorm [FLAC]
[2004] Forest Cello [WAV]
[2004] What A Wonderful World (Sentimental Clarinet) [WAV]
[2004] Asian Spa [WAV]
[2005] Moonlight Sonata [APE]
[2005] Rocky Mountain Retreat [APE]
[2005] Ocean Surf [WAV]
[2005] Breezy Backyard Classics - Summer Nights [WAV]
[2006] Call Of The Loon [FLAC]
[2006] Sleep Deeply [WavPack]
[2006] Dolphin Dreams [WAV]
[2006] Relax The Body [FLAC]
[2006] Nurture The Soul (with Michael Maxwell) [APE]
[2006] Solitudes 25 - Collection 25e Anniversaire [FLAC]
[2007] Relaxing Native Flute - Mystic Sky [WAV]
[2007] Illumination - Peaceful Gregorian Chants [FLAC]
[2007] Evening By The Lake (with Brad Rogers) [APE]
[2008] Tahiti - Voices of Paradise [WAV]
[2008] Cabana [FLAC]
[2008] Pianoscapes - The Best of Solitudes [FLAC]
[2009] Forever By The Sea - Pachelbel [WAV] (Original Release 1995)
[2009] Mysterious Places (with Donald Quan) [APE]

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