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[Xiao] Chen Yue (陈悦) - Xi Lin Shan Feng (溪林山风) (2024) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on May 10, 2024 with 2 Comments
Chen Yue (陈悦) - Xi Lin Shan Feng (溪林山风) (2024)
| WAV+CUE | 438MB | Xiao, Guqin, Pipa, Guzheng, Piano | Full Covers |
| Label: Guangdong Audio & Video Publishing House Co., Ltd. (China) |
Chinese flutes and xiaos not only have a long history but also carry rich cultural connotations, embodying the humanistic spirit of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and the pursuit of transcendence.

There is a saying, "The flute plays with the sound of dragons, and the xiao sings with the descent of phoenixes," hence the name "Phoenix Xiao." Scholars and literati of all ages have a special fondness for the flute and xiao because their tranquil and distant melodies can calm the mind and cultivate one's temperament.

Chen Yue, born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, learned the flute and xiao from her father since childhood. Later, she studied under the renowned flutist and educator, Mr. Zhao Songting, becoming his closed-door disciple. In 1993, she enrolled in the Affiliated High School of the China Conservatory of Music, studying under Professor Zhang Weiliang, a famous flutist and xiao player. In 1996, she entered the undergraduate program at the China Conservatory of Music and represented the school in visits to the United States, Japan, South Korea, and other countries and regions. She recorded her personal album "Emotional Bamboo" and participated in numerous radio and television recording activities. She was awarded a scholarship by the China Conservatory of Music and was admitted directly to the master's program in 2000. She participated in performances with several chamber music groups such as "Phoenix Voice," "Shenglan Qixin," and "Modern Women's Orchestra."

Chen Yue's musical style is delicate, graceful, and deeply emotional. This Jiangnan girl imbues this antique instrument with a fresh life reminiscent of the first rays of spring. Under Chen Yue's lips, the simple and sustained tones are filled with youthful and beautiful melancholy, yet they also overflow with a youthful impulse, refreshing the listener's spirit.


01 - 溪林山风 Xi Lin Shan Feng ...4:32
Khê Lâm Sơn Phong
02 - 悠哉心行 You Zai Xin Xing ...5:19
Du Tai Tâm Hành
03 - 花香漫天 Hua Xiang Man Tian ...5:33
Hoa Hương Mạn Thiên
04 - 半山听雨 Ban Shan Ting Yu ...5:13
Bán Sơn Thính Vũ
05 - 青山隐隐 Qing Shan Yin Yin ...4:09
Thanh Sơn Ẩn Ẩn
06 - 一念自在 Yi Nian Zi Zai ...4:03
Nhất Niệm Tự Tại
07 - 远山雾影 Yuan Shan Wu Ying ...4:05
Viễn Sơn Vụ Ảnh
08 - 如梦之境 Ru Meng Zhi Jing ...4:49
Như Mộng Chi Cảnh
09 - 春景如画 Chun Jing Ru Hua ...4:31
Xuân Cảnh Như Họa
10 - 山谷探幽 Shan Gu Tan You ...4:20
Sơn Cốc Thám U
11 - 半山听雨 (伴奏) Ban Shan Ting Yu (Ban Zou) ...5:11
Bán Sơn Thính Vũ (Bạn Tấu)
12 - 溪林山风 (伴奏) Xi Lin Shan Feng (Ban Zou) ...4:30
Khê Lâm Sơn Phong (Bạn Tấu)

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