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[Guitar] Yoshio Kimura (木村好夫) - A Time For Us - Movie Themes (2017) [SACD.ISO]

Posted by TUE on Jan 15, 2018 with 12 Comments
Yoshio Kimura - A Time For Us - Movie Themes (2017)
| SACD.ISO | 796MB | Guitar, Easy Listening, Orchestral, Instrumental |

专辑艺人:木村好夫 Yoshio Kimura
光碟格式:Super Audio CD
制作发行:新世纪 New Century Workshop (HK)

01. 殉情记 Romeo & Juliet - A Time For Us ...2:46
02. 毕业生 The Graduate - The Sound Of Silence ...2:56
03. 敎父 The Godfather - Speak Softly, Love ...2:41
04. 琴侠恩仇记 Johnny Guitar ...3:19
05. 向日葵 Sunflower (I Girrasoli) - Lost Of Love ...2:47
06. 俏郎君 The Way We Were ...3:16
07. 乱世佳人 Gone With The Wind ...2:56
08. 爱情故事 Love Story ...2:54
09. 秋水伊人 Les Parapluies De Cherbourg - I Will Wait For You ...3:01
10. 巴比龙 Papillon - Free As The Wind ...2:23
11. 法国13天 13 Jours En France ...3:09
12. 生死恋 Love Is A Many - Splendored Thing ...2:44
13. 人生长恨水长东 Black Orpheus (Orfeu Negro) - Manha Do Carnaval ...3:31
14. 玉女迎春 A Summer Place ...2:29
15. 黑狱亡魂 The Third Man ...2:41
16. 荡母痴儿 East Of Eden ...3:25
17. 春蚕丝未尽 Live For Life (Vivre Pour Vivre) ...2:52
18. 男欢女爱 A Man And A Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme) ...2:29

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  1. How to unrar with Winrar?? Please help.

    1. @fukia: If you are using the old WinRAR versions (< v5), it is not able to decompress RAR 5.x archives, so upgrade to the latest version is WinRAR 5.50:

    2. yes, I'm still using an older version. Will install the newer version & see what happens next. Thank you very much.

  2. dùng phần mềm nào play bạn nhỉ ?

    1. @quangtuong dinh: Dùng Foobar2000 bạn ạ, nhớ là sau khi cài Foobar2000 xong, phải cài thêm component "Foo Input SACD-1.1.0" (mình đã đính kèm trong file tải về): click lần lượt vào 2 file "foo_input_sacd.fb2k-component" và "foo_dsd_processor.fb2k-component" sẽ xuất hiện cửa sổ thông báo Foobar2000 > nhấn Yes > nhấn OK là xong.

    2. Hi, Is there anyway to force load the xml playlist that you included to foobar2000?

    3. @LonelyRiver: In Foobar2000 > Library > Configure > Tools > SACD > Tick the following items:
      Editable Tags
      Store Tags With ISO
      Linked 2CH/MCH Tag
      Edited Master Playback

      If it still doesn't work, you must manually retype the information in Tracklist (in Foobar2000) for SACD...It will create a new xml playlist.

  3. Gracias por hacer vibrar el espíritu, la mente y el corazón. Gracias por la bella música, amigos.

  4. mình rip ra wav 88200hz băng ez cd audio convert lossless bit rate như trong đĩa nghe rất sướng :)