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[Guqin, Buddhist Music] Wu Na - Hollow Valley In Autumn Forest (空谷秋林) (2011) [WAV]

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Wu Na - Hollow Valley In Autumn Forest
Vu Na (巫娜) - Không Cốc Thu Lâm (空谷秋林)
| WAV+CUE | 363MB | Guqin/Buddhist Music/Instrumental | 2011 |
Wu Na is an award-winning guqin musician who began her training at the China Conservatory in 1991 at the age of twelve. The guqin is a seven-stringed zither with a 3,000 year history in China.

In 1997, when she was eighteen, she was invited to perform with the Taipei Folk Orchestra, the youngest guqin player from China ever to perform in Taiwan. The same year she entered the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing , where she majored in guqin while studying the cello and double bass as well.In 2004 she became the first musician in China to receive a Master’s degree in guqin performance. Ms. Wu’s dual education in both Chinese and Western music has inspired her to seek a new voice for the guqin in contemporary music. She has performed and recorded with jazz, rock, and classical musicians. In 2005 she performed with China’s foremost rock star, Cui Jian, in his solo concert at the Capital Gymnasium in Beijing, and in 2006 she collaborated with the distinguished composer Liu Sola in the production of a contemporary opera, The Fantasy of the Red Queen, at the House of World Cultures in Berlin. Ms.
Wu has made several brief performance tours in Asia, Europe and the USA.


01. 七弦绝巅 Play On The Mountain
Thất Huyền Tuyệt Điên
02. 深谷清溪 Valley Stream
Thâm Cốc Thanh Khê
03. 入静 Enter Static
Nhập Tĩnh
04. 琴禅见性 Nature Zen And Guqin
Cầm Thiện Kiến Tính
05. 隐遁 Recluse
Ẩn Độn
06. 月色缭绕The Moonlight
Nguyệt Sắc Liễu Nhiễu
07. 心悦静美 Static Beauty
Tâm Duyệt Tĩnh Mỹ
08. 灵性之光 The Light Of Spirit
Linh Tính Chi Quang
09. 幽林鸟语 Birds In The Forest
U Lâm Điểu Ngữ
10. 梵天净土 Pure Land
Phạm Thiên Tịnh Thổ

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