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[Handflute/Piano] CHILDHOOD - Family (2012) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Mar 21, 2012 with 4 Comments
| WAV+CUE | 230 MB | Handflute/Piano/Instrumental | 2012 |
"Handflute" is a kind of musical instrument played on the hands. The hands are placed together as if praying. After making a space inside the gripped hands, one blows into the gap between the two thumbs. It is similar to making a tone by blowing over the top of an open bottle.

At first, only a simple piping sound can be produced with this technique. However, by increasing or decreasing the size of the space inside the hands, the tone can be controlled. Gradually, with a lot of practice, it becomes possible to produce melodies. Mastering this technique takes a lot of skill and practice, so very few people have this rare talent.

Mitsuhiro Mori:
When Mitsuhiro Mori was a young boy, his father taught him to emulate an owl’s hooting by blowing into his cupped hands. By playing with this technique he moved from mimicking owl cries to playing melodies.

Mitsuhiro has now mastered the ability to produce tones with a range of three octaves, vibrato and portamento. With tunes that soothe the soul and amazing technical mastery, Mitsuhiro can play a wide variety of music, from classic to pop, that appeals to people of all ages.

His dream is to continue travelling, performing music from many countries and making friends all over the world.

Keisuke Usuda:
Keisuke plays the piano as well as composing original music for CHILDHOOD. He met Mitsuhiro when they were studying at music school. He was very impressed with Mitsuhiro’s musical talent and decided to work with him. This is how CHILDHOOD was formed. (Childhood-fc)

01. Home~おかえりなさい~
02. Easy Going
03. はじめてのチュウ Hajimeteno chuu
04. 月と黒猫 Gatsu to kuroneko
05. あの日のゴンドラ Ano nichi no gondora
06. 春よ、来い Haru yo, koi
07. 道の先に Michi no sakini
08. カラー kara (Color)
09. 涙をためてあなたを想う Namida wotameteanatawo omou

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    1. @Hiếu Duy: Chỉ được CD đó thui!(^_^) Qua nghe nhạc huýt sáo nè (Whistle Music):

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