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[New Age/Relax] Various Artists - Songs For Life - Fingers Buckle (人生小调·十指扣) (2006) [2CD] [WAV]

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Various Artists - Songs For Life - Fingers Buckle [2CD]
| WAV+CUE | 972 MB | New Age/Relax/Instrumental | Covers Included | 2006 |


CD 1 - Love The Feelings
01 柔情如梦 A Tender Dream
02 粉色的花期 The Pink Florescence
03 挡不住的风情 The Style Unstoppable
04 绵亘的情感 The Long Emotional
05 仲夏夜之梦 A Midsummer Night's Dream
06 白窗帘与红地毯 White Curtains With Red Carpet
07 爱上此心怡的感觉 Love The Feelings
08 世界末日时的狂欢 Cheer At The End Of The World
09 轻倚红楼望远山 The Scenery Far From us

CD 2 - Life
01 闭月羞花 Beauty
02 水玲珑 Shuilinglong (Thủy Linh Lung)
03 彝族美女 Yi Beauty
04 媚眼春色 Park Watch
05 香足之舞 Hong Foot Dance
06 春梦 Dream
07 夜姬 Night Kyi
08 萤火虫 Firefly
09 午夜澜栅 Lan Midnight Gate
10 轻歌漫舞 Harmony Dance

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