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[New Age, Neoclassical] Various Artists - Delicate Water I-II (水玲珑) (2010-2011) (2CD) [WAV]

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Various Artists - Delicate Water I-II (水玲珑) (2010-2011) (2CD)
| WAV+CUE | 933 MB | New Age, Neoclassical, Instrumental | 2010-2011 |
Light music possesses a distinct charm and beauty that sets it apart from both classical and pop genres. Defined by its enchanting melodies, exquisite harmonies, and meticulous orchestration, it weaves a musical tapestry that captivates listeners. Unlike classical compositions, light music ventures into a realm of emotion marked by strong romantic sentiments, offering a fresh and unique form of aesthetic allure. It is a musical experience that transcends boundaries, inviting audiences into a world where the delicate balance of sound and emotion creates a tapestry of unique beauty.

German vinyl CDs herald a new era of beautiful sound, incorporating revolutionary record production technologies. The meticulous post-production master tapes from Germany create an enigmatic musical experience, crafting a dreamlike realm reminiscent of ethereal nature.

专辑中文名: 水玲珑
艺术家: 群星
音乐类型: 民乐

CD1 - Delicate Water (水玲珑) (2010)
01. 森林狂想曲 Elces Of The Night
02. 移民 The Immigrang
03. 航行 Ships Are Sailing
04. 哈瓦苏克里克的月光 Moonlinght On Havasu Creek
05. 老鹰之歌 El Condor Pasa
06. 森林中的一夜 A Woodland Night
07. 旅程 The Journey
08. 走过绿意 Through The Arbor
09. 进入双瀑布 Enteing Twin Falls
10. 飞过北边 Flight Over North Rim
11. 我发誓 I Swear
12. 童年 Childhood Memory
13. 师蒂拉 Stella Maris
14. 杜内嘉之路 Road To Goneghal

CD2 - Delicate Water II (水玲珑II) (2011)
01. 悲伤 Sadness
02. 漫步莎丽花园 Down By The Salley Gardens
03. 巴贝多的白沙 White Sand Of Barbados
04. 布依瑟侬 Bressanon
05. 草原 The Level Plain(Magh Seola)
06. 变幻之风 The Wind Of Change
07. 火战车 Chariots Of Fire
08. 水印 Water Mark
09. 春之歌 Spring Song
10. 平安一生 Peaceful Life
11. 飞越山峰 Flight Of The Hawk
12. 罗夫托司琼斯 Loftus Jone
13. 真爱时光 One Moment In Time
14. 月光 Luna
15. 寻找爱 Find Love

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