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[New Age, Classical] Raimond Lap - Lovely Baby (Music For Your Baby) (2005) (5CD) [WAV]

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Raimond Lap - Lovely Baby (Music For Your Baby) (5CD)
| WAV+CUE | 1.21GB | Lullaby, New Age, Classical, Instrumental | 2005 |
Created by award-winning Dutch composer, Raimond Lap, the series was created for prenatal to 36 month-olds. Unlike any other, these original recordings feature arrangements that are perfectly suited for babies' sensitive ears, and the compositions stress melody, harmony and rhythm. Lovely Baby CDs contain no vocals other than baby sounds, as lyrics at such an early age, according to Mr. Lap, don’t add to the educational value of the music. Raimond uses what he calls "super-stereo" sound as a tool to develop movement and physical response. Additionally, he has integrated an assortment of styles and musical elements into his music that stimulate babies’ brains.

Lovely Baby CDs help create a peaceful home environment, which is an integral part of the learning experience. Mr. Lap has spent several years studying and testing babies' responses to music and sound. In fact, no other CD's have gone through so many tests and tryouts as this highly-acclaimed and successful series. One major reason for the success this series has earned throughout Europe and Asia, where millions of babies enjoy his music, is the fact that parents seem to love the music as much as their babies do. With music so parent-friendly, moms and dads are exposing their babies to Lovely Baby CDs more often and for longer periods of time than any other baby music, making for a truly family-oriented experience.

"According to a lot of studies, music has proven to be a very important factor in the development of a child's brain, specially in the first year. Award-winning composer Raimond Lap is internationally recognized for his special productions for babies. His CDs are enjoyed by millions of babies worldwide. By listening to his music babies learn the most elementary characteristics of music: melody, harmony and rhythm. This will result in an advantage in learning at later age." (

Raimond Lap - Lovely Baby CD1 [创意狂想曲]
1. Baby's First Own Melody
2. Baby's Lovely Reggae
3. Melodic Questions and Answers
4. First Time I Hear the Sea
5. Baby Loves Blues
6. Baby Toys Meet Melody
7. Baby's Smiling Face
8. Baby's First Improvisation
9. Forest Sounds Make Baby Sleep

Raimond Lap - Lovely Baby CD2 [大自然合唱曲]
1. Babies and Blues
2. Sing, Sing, Singing Along
3. Babies Dancing Around
4. Birds, Forest, Baby
5. Funny But Funny
6. Baby Sings Melody
7. Baby Loves Toy
8. Baby's Na, Na, Na
9. Baby Talk, Baby Walk
10. Baby Smells the Sea

Raimond Lap - Lovely Baby CD3 [亲子的歌谣]
1. My Lovely Mamma
2. O.K.
3. I Play
4. My Daddy
5. For My Mamma
6. This One's for Me
7. I Sing Along
8. I Cry and I Laugh
9. Also for My Lovely Mammie
10. I'm Going To Sleep Now

Raimond Lap - Lovely Baby CD4 [畅游水世界]
1. Living Water
2. My Special Mummy
3. Having Fun Together
4. Always Baby
5. Daddy's Blues
6. Higher and Higher
7. Baby's Conversation
8. Echo Melody
9. Baby's Secret
10. Safe in Port

Raimond Lap - Lovely Baby CD5: Baby Classics [古典新幻想]
1. Für Elise-theme (Beethoven)
2. Minuet (Bach)
3. Ode to Joy-theme (Beethoven)
4. Sonata Pathétique (Beethoven)
5. Theme (Mozart)
6. Air (Bach)
7. Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)
8. Ave Maria (Bach, Gounod)
9. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach)
10. Lullaby (Brahms)

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