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[Guqin, Folk] Gong Yi (龚一) - A Senior's Relive Of The Classics (第一禅) (2014) [WAV]

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Gong Yi (龚一) - A Senior's Relive Of The Classics (第一禅) (2014)
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Gong Yi (龔一) is a guqin master from Shanghai, presently one of the instrument's leading figures. Born in Nanjing, he trained first under several local players (including Liu Shaochun and Xia Yifeng) before proceeding to the Shanghai Conservatory where he absorbed a range of styles from such prominent masters as Zhang Ziqian, Xu Lisun, Gu Meigeng, and Wei Zhongle. Gong Yi has had, since the 1950s, a varied career performing, teaching, composing, and researching under the auspices of several institutions and ensembles, most notably the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra of which he was director and sole guqin player. In guqin circles he is particularly noted for his efforts toward integration of the instrument into the conservatory mainstream. (Wikipedia)

专辑名称:第一禅 DSDH
专辑艺人:龚一 (古琴)
C D 编号:LYCD-A035
发行时间: 2014年07月06日

01 - 梅花三弄 The Three Variations On Plum Blossom ...7:13
Mai Hoa Tam Lộng
02 - 平沙落雁 On Plain Sand Were Fallen Wild Geese ...8:48
Bình Sa Lạc Nhạn
03 - 泛沧浪 Boating On Azure Waves ...4:10
Phiếm Thương Lãng
04 - 乌夜啼 Crows Cry At Night ...7:38
Ô Dạ Đề
05 - 离骚 Li Sao ...7:03
Li Tao
06 - 山居吟 Ode To Living In The Mountains ...5:11
Sơn Cư Ngâm
07 - 大胡笳 Da Hujia ...11:47
Đại Hồ Già
08 - 洞庭秋思(西麓堂琴统版) Meditation In Autumn By The Dongting Lake ...2:55
Động Đình Thu Tư (Tây Lộc Đường Cầm Thống Bản)
09 - 洞庭秋思(查阜西版) Meditation In Autumn By The Dongting Lake ...3:28
Động Đình Thu Tư (Tra Phụ Tây Bản)
10 - 潇湘水云 Mist And Clouds Over The Xiao And Xiang Rivers ...10:48
Tiêu Tương Thủy Vân

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