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[Buddhist Mantras] Ma Chang-sheng - Music & Mantras Chanting - Poetic Mantras (2012) [APE]

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Ma Chang-sheng - Music & Mantras Chanting - Poetic Mantras
| APE+CUE | 244MB | Buddhist Mantras, Chants | Label: Wind Music | 2012 |
Ma Chang-sheng uses the guqin to chant poetic mantras, washing away the hustle and bustle. He uses Buddhist song as the basis for his creative work and fusing it with a poetic sensibility, giving his poetic mantras a unique aesthetic. Ancient sutras combined with newly-created gathas or Buddhist poetry create a different kind of mood. When the chanting and singing begins, what you hear is contentment and freedom from care.

Ma Chang-sheng is an independent musician that explores the inner soul to discover life’s original quality. With an ancestral root in Jiangsu, he was born and raised on the expansive pastures of Qinghai. Quiet by nature with nonchalance for fame and fortune, Ma studied contemporary popular and rock and roll music, and has been on several voyages in life. He has studied the guqing under many virtuosi of the string instrument, and is a person of wide knowledge and passion to learn. He also follows the holy Zhu-Wang Cai-Kun Rimpoče in studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism with. Ma Chang-sheng’s music derives from his many different experiences in life, and his music is all encompassing, with elements from the past and the present, also the East and the West.

专辑中文名: 油菜花開的季節
专辑艺人: 馬常勝
发行公司: 风潮唱片
唱片编号: TCD-2362
发行时间 : 2012/2/23

01 - 釋迦牟尼佛心咒 Sakyamuni Mantra ...4:58
Thích Già Mưu Ni Phật Tâm Chú
02 - 油菜花開的季節 Rapeseed Blossom Season ...7:02
Du Thái Hoa Khai Đích Quý Tiết
03 - 金剛薩埵百字明咒 Vajrasattva Mantra ...5:29
Kim Cương Tát Đóa Bách Tự Minh Chú
04 - 隨願而來 As You Wish ...5:21
Tùy Nguyện Nhi Lai
05 - 蓮師除障平安經 The Master Padmasambhava Removes Obstructions Peace Sutra ...5:03
Liên Sư Trừ Chướng Bình An Kinh
06 - 秋鶴高鳴 The Loud Cry Of The Autumn Crane ...5:27
Thu Hạc Cao Minh
07 - 文殊菩薩心咒 Manjusri Mantra ...5:50
Văn Thù Bồ Tát Tâm Chú
08 - 六字大明咒 Om Mani Padme Hum (The Six Syllable Mantra Of Avalokiteśvara) ...6:12
Lục Tự Đại Minh Chú

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