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[Instrumental] Various Artists - Impression - Flowing Cloud (国乐印象·行云流水) (2016) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Mar 31, 2018 with 1 Comments
Various Artists - Impression - Flowing Cloud (2016)
Quốc Nhạc Ấn Tượng (国乐印象) - Hành Vân Lưu Thủy (行云流水)
| WAV+CUE | 441MB | Pipa, Guzheng, Erhu, Hulusi, Dizi, Xun | Full Covers |


01 - 追梦人 Dreamcatcher ...4:40
Pipa has a wider range of tones. Its range is almost 48 degrees. It has a responsive tone, a solid treble, a sharp highest register, a nice bright altos and a lowering elastic lower register. Also Pipa's performance skills are abundant and difficult.

02 - 出塞曲 Leaving Home ...3:36
Our old memory recalled by a horn in a peaceful scene. Lute's tone is like the golden bead falling into floor. With the background rendering we can see a wonderful paragraph. The second horn is perfect match with the ringing bamboo flute. We can see a picture of returning home with honour.

03 - 焚心以火 Burn Heart With Fire ...4:15
2750 years ago, the zheng was already a popular musical instrument played by the folks in Shanxi and Gansu provinces. The famous poet Bai Juyi wrote about 20 poems to express his admiration for it. Its timbre being resplendent, mild soft and elegant, the zheng is a very expressive Chinese musical instrument.

04 - 一个美丽的地方 There Is A Beautiful Place ...4:41
Hulusi's melody is special and graceful. The appearance of it is classic and mellow. With the ringing Guzheng to perform the melody vivid.

05 - 月光爱人 Moonlight Lovers ...3:59
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon has no sowordsmen film's heroism. The film has a deep thinking and connotation of finding humanity. It shows the eastern society standard's huge effect and necessity. And also he has crashed with humanity.

06 - 铁血丹心 Iron Blood And Loyal Heart ...2:55
Heart Of Steel is the theme song of "Heroes of Eagle Shooters" 1983, and it is the most famous Cantonese songs. Lofty sentiment and chivalrous tenderness become more splendid because of the person going with you.

07 - 香格里拉 Shangri-La ...4:24
I like to listen to the immersive music alone. It gives you a perfect space of spirit. The melody is a little gloomy, but maybe it is the aspirations of the writer. Hunger for the ideal world but end up with sad. Accuse the real world with no answer. Shangri-La is a fantasy at last.

08 - 知心爱人 The Intimate Lovers ...5:09
The tender irrepressible lute answers to the deeply voice of flute. The arrangements are very charming. In the melodious background we can better feel the artistic conception and sense together. Falling into the music and resonating to it.

09 - 葬花吟 The Song Of Burying Flower ...7:00
The Song Of Burying Flower will give you a different charm. Spring dies with the wizen flowers. Dream of Red Mansions makes us feel it's real or fantasy.
The wizen flowers are flying in the sky. Who is filled with pity of the beauty? When you see the flowers are withering away, it's the time beauty goes away.

10 - 灰姑娘 Cinderella ...4:49
Peach blossom likes the fire. A graceful poetics goes into our fingers. Warm spring breeze makes the flowers blown off from the branch. Rain of petals like the dancing butterflies.

11 - 杜十娘 Du Shiniang ...5:08
The erhu, which is mainly constructed of various hard woods, has two strings with a bow playing between them. The sound box is covered with a snake skin which helps produce its distinctive tone colour. The erhu is one of the most widely used bowed instruments in China. Throughout its 500-year-old history, the construction of the instrument has been constantly upgraded so that its tone is now mellow and bright. Played with a variety of techniques, it is now extremely popular, for both solo and orchestral performance.

12 - 美丽的神话 The Beautiful Myth ...5:09
We can feel relaxed and happy in this familiar song. It shows the atmosphere of woefully and romantic like Titanic.

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