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[Erhu] Huang Jiangqin (黄江琴) - Who Can Share My Feelings (二胡-有谁共鸣) (2004) [WAV]

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Huang Jiangqin (黄江琴) - Who Can Share My Feelings (二胡-有谁共鸣) (2004)
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出 版:广东音像出版社

01 - 逝去的诺言 The Forgotten Promise ...4:40
02 - 有谁共鸣 Who Can Share My Feelings ...3:06
03 - 风中有朵雨做的云 Raining Clouds In The Wind ...3:38
04 - 真我的风采 The Charisma Of My Real Self ...3:56
05 - 婚纱背后 Behind The Wedding Garment ...4:10
06 - 原乡人 The Original Villagers ...4:00
07 - 哭砂 Ku Sha (Crying Over The Sand) ...4:48
08 - 明月千里寄相思 Miss You Under Moonlight ...3:05
09 - 水中花 Flower In Water ...4:12
10 - 那一场风花雪月的事 The End Of The World ...4:25
11 - 人生何处不相逢 You Can Meet People Again Everywhere In Your Life ...3:53
12 - 在水一方 By Waterside ...4:18
13 - 千支针刺在心 Thousands Of Needles Piercing My Heart ...4:17

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