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[Guzheng] Heying (何莹) - Ying Ying's Language Of Flowers (莹莹花语) (2008) [APE]

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Heying (何莹) - Ying Ying's Language Of Flowers (莹莹花语)
| APE (Tracks) | 261 MB | Guzheng/Instrumental | 2008 |

发行时间: 2008年12月16日

01 梦·禾雀花 (Dream Birdwood's Mucuna)
Mộng - Hòa Tước Hoa
02 女人·茉莉 (Women - Jasmine)
Nữ Nhân - Mạt Lị
03 秋雨·海棠 (Autumn Rain - Begonia)
Thu Vũ - Hải Đường
04 古今·菊花 (Years - Chrysanthemum)
Cổ Kim - Cúc Hoa
05 攀枝·木棉 (Climbing On Branches - Kapok)
Phàn Chi - Mộc Miên
06 珠水·白兰 (Zhujiang Water - White Orchid)
Châu Thủy - Bạch Lan
07 期人·水仙 (Expecting - Daffodil)
Kỳ Nhân - Thủy Tiên
08 倾心·河莲 (Admiration - Water Lily)
Khuynh Tâm - Hà Liên
09 蓝·郁金香 (Blue - Tulip)
Lam - Úc Kim Hương
10 山谷·紫背天葵 (Valley - Gynura)
San Cốc - Tử Bối Thiên Quỳ

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